Monday, 6 December 2010

Update on Smile 4 You Whitening Kit

Hi girls, i was looking through some of my posts and suddenly realised that i had forgotten to update you with my home bleaching teeth kit.
Unfortunately it didn't work out :( I had really good results to begin with as you will see from my 1st post )
However as i continued to use it my teeth started to get really sensitive. Also my teeth did look whiter when i initially use it however they didn't go any lighter after that.
I am starting to think the only way i will get blinging white teeth is to go for Zoom whitening or something?
How i long for teeth like this......


  1. Have you tried Crest whitening strips?

    They made my teeth whiter than white in 2 weeks, used them morning and night..

    Get them from Ebay..

  2. I used the Crest whitening strips too! They did wonders for my teeth! Now I just use a couple every 6 months to maintain the pearly whites! I'd give them a try! I use toothpaste for sensitive teeth as well and that seems to help with the sensitivity!

  3. I had them on my list so will probably get some in january and give them a try. They seem to be the ones everybody agrees on. Thanks girls xx

  4. Yes you must try crest whitening strips!! I've actually got mine on while I catch up with my blogroll. Too much info I know lol xxxx

  5. I'm really wary of whitening products because so many people who use them seem to end up with extremely sensitive teeth! :)

    I want one of those gorgeous all-american smiles as much as the next girl but not at the expense of enjoying ice-cream and hot tea! ♥

  6. All Made Up: I know exactly what you mean but i think the sensitivity only lasts a short time ( anybody correct me if i'm wrong )
    I am going to try the crest strips and if that doesn't work then i think i will just save up and have it done proffesionally.
    I read somewhere that some people can't get white teeth no matter what they do?

  7. Hey hun- if you do get the zoom, I suggest using sensodyne the week prior and possibly taking an aspirin before the whitening. I did this several years ago in the dentist office and it was very painful for me afterwords. My teeth "zinged" me horribly for one week!! I use Plus 5 minute whitening at home every once in awhile and have never had pain.

    Hope that was helpful!!


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Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx