Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dr George's Dental White System ( LOVE)

 Well my lovely bloggers, as some of you will know i have been on a quest for whiter teeth recently. I have to say that over the past 2 or 3 years my teeth have become really discoloured and i am always complaining about it.

It doesn't seem to matter how often i brush them or what toothpaste i use and i have tried various home bleaching kits which just don't seem to make much difference at all.
I was getting to the point when i thought i would have to bite the bullet and save up to have them professionally whitened.

On my search for a product to help i came across the Dr George's Dental White System which to be honest i was a bit skeptical about as it looked like one of the kits i had tried before that basically didn't work at all on my teeth.

I did a little research and found out that the product had been featured on Oprah and the diet doctors and reviews although mixed were more positive than negative.

The kit is very simple:

 2 Mouth trays. You add the trays to boiling water then shape in the mouth to fit. As you can see i have only shaped the top tray so far.
Whitening Gel and a syringe to add the gel to mouth tray easily.

The directions are to wear the mouth trays for 20/30 Min's then repeat twice so basically you need to wear the trays for up to an hr and a half a day. Continue for 2/3 weeks for best results.

Then you can add the gel to your toothpaste at a 50/50 mix for maintenance.

I have only used the kit 4 times so far and only on my top teeth so i can compare the colour. Results so far:

 I have made this photo big so you can see my horrible teeth quite clearly lol. I'm sure you can see the big difference in colour on my top teeth already. This kit has worked so quickly for me i am ultra impressed. If this is the result after 4 days i can't wait to see my teeth after 2/3 weeks.
Also i have had no sensitivity so far which is the icing on the cake.

The website Smile 4 you sells the kits for just £24.99 and they have even kindly offered me a 10% discount code for any of you lovely ladies who want to try it.
Code: Nicoletta
The website also states that they have a no quibble money back guarantee so they must be pretty confident with the products.
What do you think?


  1. wow this looks great.... would love it if you do an update post when its done :) :) Was literally just planning to order some whitening stuff x

  2. Thanks onna i will def do a post when i've completed the course. I am so excited by the results that i couldn't resist a little post to show how fast it seems to be working xx

  3. That look like it works hon..
    Have you ever tried Crest whitening strips?
    I had discoloured teeth from too much diet coke I think, and these whitened my teeth to very very white..
    You can get them off eBay x

    PS. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog tonight, it was so lovely to read :-)

  4. firstly I can't believe you think you have horrible teeth! When I read the start of the post I was expecting some big old gross yellow teeth and yours are gorgeous!

    The results look brilliant, esp for such a short time so I'm looking forward to some more snaps in a couple of weeks :)

  5. WOW... I can definitely see the difference and only after 4 days too! bloody hell!

    Cannot wait to see the results after 2 weeks, think I'll defo be buying some.


  6. Thanks for the follow ;) loveur blog

  7. cheeky beauty: You are welcome hun, love your blog :)
    I've not tried the crest strips before but heard good things. xx

    All made up: Thanks sweety, i wore a brace for a few years as my teeth were so crooked. It sorted the top out but i hate the way they look on the bottom. Still i know they will look 100 times better when they are whiter. xx

    Jo: I thought you would be interested. Bloody hell exactly lol xx

    Meliza: You are welcome and thanks so much. xx

    The girlie blog: I would give it a go hun, the price is great and its the first thing thats worked on me and i have tried quite a lot of others xx

  8. wow i can actually see significant difference on your upper teeth than the lower ones. I used to wear retainers before so the dentist had done a complimentary teeth whitening on my teeth but it's been a while and now even they have started yellowing :( I guess I will have a look at this. Do post your results after 2/3 weeks :)

    btw thanks for the follow. you have a lovely blog xD

  9. hiiii!
    i worked as a dental nurse before leaving for uni, and I use this

    You just put it in your trays like the ones you got with the kit, and wear it over night. You can get up to 35%, but I wouldnt go any higher than 20% as it can make your teeth very sensitive! They charge £20 PER TUBE for this where I used to work, and I got it from this seller on ebay and its exactly the same, I just store it in my fridge!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx