Saturday, 4 December 2010

Essential Skincare to beat the Chill !

Morning my lovelies, I don't know about you but the drastic change in weather has left my skin feeling a bit out of sorts.
Now usually my skin is quite hardy, slightly oily and spot prone but lately it seems drier in places, a little dehydrated ( probably the central heating ) and well just a bit dull really.

Luckily for me i was sent 2 new products to review which really seem to have hit the spot with combating these problems and providing some much needed TLC.

Introducing MONU by Susan Moleneux
Essential Cleansing Balm. RRP £35.00

 This balm is just amazing. It melts upon skin contact & feels sooo luxurious. The essential oils smell heavenly and it makes cleansing my skin feel like a mini facial, something to look forward to rather than a chore.

The product contains tiny minuscule particles which have a gentle exfoliating Action but it's mild enough to use everyday.
I massage the product into my skin and remove with a warm wet muslin cloth that comes with the product. It leaves my skin feeling gorgeous, soft, clean and pampered. The best bit is it removes full on makeup so easily. No need for a separate cleanser either as there is no oily residue whatsoever which is rare for an oil based cleanser.

You can see this is a balm but it turns to a light oil as you massage it into the skin.
It's not the cheapest of cleansers but it is a fantastic product & worth every penny. Ideal if you are looking for a little pampering and extra oooomph.
Personally i will use a few times a week to make it last longer and to give my skin a bit of a boost.

The 2nd product i have been putting through it's paces is the Monu Essential Elements, with Rose, Wheatgerm & Arnica for Very Dry or Damaged skin.
Now i have to say this worried me a little when it first arrived & i read the words Very Dry Skin. After all i would never put myself in that category. Still i decided to give it a go as i said my skin has been drier than normal and if i didn't like it then I'd just not use it again.
However i was pleasantly surprised. I only used a tiny amount but my skin seemed to drink this right up.

The Texture is quite rich as you would expect but there was no sticky residue or heavy feeling with it. The smell again was beautiful. I love aromatherapy oils & so applying this was a real sensory treat in the evenings.
The product itself is packed full of great ingredients including Vitamin E, Olive oils, Rose & Sandlewood essential oils.
I applied this at bedtime and when i woke up my skin looked brighter and felt much softer. I have only been using it 3 times a week just because of my skin type but even with my limited use it has made a difference to my skin. It seems to have a calming and nurturing effect on my skin which is exactly what i was looking for at this time of year.
Ideal for those of you who are on the drier side or just want a little extra protection. RRP £26.50

Check out the full range of gorgeous products from this range here
Have you tried anything from Monu yet?


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    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  2. Am on the serious hunt for winter skincare products at the mo. These sound great, I've the same kind of skin as you I think, so this sounds right up my street. Great review :) LovelyGirlieBits

  3. When I was training as a beauty therapist many years ago Susan Molyneux was one of the first products that I trained in. I loved the products then and I still go back to them now and then, although I have to admit I have not tried the Monu range. I really like the sound of the cleansing balm and may give this a try in the new year xx Jude xx

  4. jadlgw me too. I trained with the products too and loved them then. Thats why i was super excited when asked to try these as i knew the quality would be fantastic. You would love the cleansing balm i'm sure xx

  5. Great post hun, My skin is normally combination-dry. This colder weather has totally zapped any moisture out of my skin :(
    Would you say a cleansing balm is richer than a cleansing oil? The thought of a cleansing balm sounds so nice :) x

  6. Hi Sherrie, no i wouldn't say its richer than an oil. It feels light a light oil but then when the water hits it it seems to dissolve really quickly so it leaves your skin feeling really clean. I love oil cleansers but dont like the greasy film some leave but this one has none of that so it's the best of both worlds in my opinion x

  7. These seem really lovely. I am usually combination-oily but I'm having the same issue with patches of dryness and irritation.
    I love the sound of the cleansing balm. I used to use the Eve Lom cleanser but at the time it was a bit too much for my spot-prone skin.
    I'm wondering if these would cause me to break out at all, they seem worth a try! xx

  8. I'm always on the lookout for new skincare products, but I'm always reluctant to try them as I have very sensitive skin! Should really give these a try though as my skin is very dry in the winter months and they look lovely!

  9. Hmmm this sounds fantastic! You always have the best reviews!

  10. That cleanser looks lovely. Great review!

  11. This sounds like the Eve Lom cleanser but a better price. Have to check if it is available in the states

  12. The cleansing balm sounds very tempting!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx