Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Body Shop Big & Curly Mascara Review !

Hi there ladies, I thought it was well overdue to do a little review about The Body Shop mascara Big and Curvy. Over the xmas period i have been alternating between false lashes and mascara on days when I'm feeling lazy. It is so hard to find the perfect mascara and i love reading other peoples reviews on them.

I love the pink packaging of this mascara.

 The brush tapers to a thin end and the bristles are shortish but quite spread out.
I dont have a personal favourite when it comes to brushes but i do find it easy to apply.

 So the above photo is with just 1 coat of mascara. I like the fact that it is quite a wet formula and even with 1 coat it makes my lashes look a lot fatter.

2nd coat applied
The formula is very thickening and it works well for my short stubby lashes. I am a little disappointed though to find it doesn't hold the curl very well at all. The name would suggest otherwise? But having said that my eyelashes don't hold a curl well with most mascaras.

It costs £10 from the body shop and is only available in black. I don't get any smudging with this and i find it fairly easy to remove. The colour is a nice dark glossy black which stays that way throughout the day.
I would give this mascara 8/10 
Have you tried any of the body shop mascaras? What is your favourite mascara right now?


  1. I was actually considering getting this mascara - obviously cause the name would indicate that it'd hold a nice curl. But after reading this review.. : / nahh.. I need a mascara that holds a curl WELL. Cause my lashes are so stupid..

  2. Your lashes look so glossy in the first photo! X

  3. Great results! I will have to try this mascara for sure! My lashes are super curly but way shorter than I'd like. I like wet formula's that lengthen well so this might just be the ticket!!! :)

  4. Love the packaging, but I really need a mascara that holds a curl, especially with my dead straight lashes! x

  5. thanks for sharing. I haven't tried any body shop mascaras but I might try this one out.


  6. The latest one I tried was the BIg Fake lashes mascara from Collection 2000. Gives mega volume with 2 coats! Cheap too. By mistake got the waterproof one and is a bit difficult to remove it.


  7. I've been well impressed by the makeup at the body shop but I havent tried the mascara yet. Judging from your pics it looks really good and the colour is really dark :)

    At the min I'm using No7s Extreme Length. It's an old favourite that I keep going back to ♥

  8. Thanks for all your comments girls. I find it so hard to find a perfect mascara. I think i'm wanting too much really ha. Oh well the hunt continues xx

  9. My perfect mascara has to be Dior Show. It's the only high end product that I've consistently bought because I can't find one to beat it! That said I'm pretty happy with Eyeko magic mascara at the moment, which is more purse friendly and also in very pretty packaging!

  10. Hi Rebecca, ive not tried the Eyeko one i might check it out thanks x

  11. I really want to go & check out more Body Shop make-up, I used to wear a lot of their line and don't know why I stopped. I am loving the L'Oreal Voluminous right now, in Brown/Black. New follower to you, your blog looks great!

  12. your lashes look fab ... my HG mascara now is the No7 one in the green tube ... not sure what its called, the brush has like 3 different types of bristles if that makes sense lol!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx