Thursday, 23 December 2010

Bargain False Eyelashes Allert !

Hello girls, I just wanted to let you know about the recent order i purchased from E Bay in my quest to find some good quality lashes at a decent price.
I have ordered in bulk before and to be honest the quality has been a bit rubbish. But this time i am more than happy with my order on both quality and price. Here's what i purchased:

The first ones i choose was this set of upper and lower lashes costing £1.98 here. I've never tried bottom lashes before so thought i would give it a go.

 Next i Choose 5 pairs of invisible backbone lashes IB10 costing £3.48 here.
Application is really simple:
Remove the lash from the tray and cut the edges to size if needed.
Apply a little glue and wait about 30 seconds before gently pushing into place with tweezers.

 This is the angle i apply my lashes at. I always apply 1 coat of mascara to my natural lashes first.

 My favourite glue without a doubt is the duo adhesive. My lashes never stray when i use this.

The end result with these lashes is really natural. Perfect for an everyday look or a wedding makeup.

 These next lashes were the ones that drew me into looking at this shop in the first place as they are a very close copy to ardell Wispies which are my favourite lash. Bearing in mind i pay about £6 a pair for those and i received 5 pairs of these for just £4.68 :) You can see the attraction. Buy them here

 As you can see they are long but still natural looking. They really give eyes a bit of drama. I love them.

Even from a distance and at different angles they look good.

I also brought 2 other packs of 5 lashes:

Postage was free over £15 so my total for 21 pairs of lashes was £16.50. I can honestly say that all the lashes are extremely soft and the band is nice and flexible so easier to apply than most.
Oh and delivery was really fast. 3 days and they were here, just in time for xmas.
I find Ebay very hit and miss with lashes and i have purchased cheaper ones that are so hard that i had to throw them away. This was my 1st purchase of many more from this fab shop. xx


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I love lashes but usually buy them on impulse from Boots at £4+ a pack :S

  2. Amazing deal :) Though I never got around wearing falsies.. every time I've tried I've ended up looking like drag queen. Maybe because of too dramatic lashes.. I don't think dramatic ones suit my small eyes..
    So tempted to look into these.. thanks for sharing :)

  3. I've only ever wore lashes to my prom and they looked amazing. I'll definitely have a look at some of these :) thanks xx

  4. The second lot of lashes look AMAZING! They really look natural but long and glamorous at the same time :) x

  5. I got some NYX lashes on today! I think they look stunning, but at $7.00US I think they're a bit pricey! I think I'm going to stick with the ebay lashes! I've got some great ones! Can't wait to see the bottom lashes on! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  6. I have a couple of these and I love them too :):)

  7. great deal! i've been looking for a good deal on lashes as i find the ones i buy i either end up loosing or can't use after a few applications. will defo look at getting these =) xx

  8. thank you soo soo much for posting this! i ordered two packs :) loove the lashes! gorgeous xxxx

  9. Wow, what an amazing deal on lashes! I love falsies and wear them whenever we go out. I like Ardelle lashes because they're pretty affordable and good quality (like 3 dollars/pair) but I might just order some of these!!!

  10. Thanks girls. I am really pleased with mine. I love the look of false lashes and wear them a lot. Glad this review is helpful to some of you. Let me know which ones you order xx

  11. These look superb on you! The first ones are fab and look pretty but natural - if I wasnt such a lazy sod they're exactly the kinda lashes I'd apply before work :)

    The 2nd ones look amazing and really make you eyes pop. Although they're definitely quite dramatic they're not too OTT and still look seriously pretty

    Bargain of the week methinks ♥

  12. Wooow U Look Stunning with those lashes :) wish I could apply false lashes too :) unfortunately I am not that talented :(((

  13. Wow - these look amazing. I have never worn false eyelashes before but definately want to try some of these

  14. These sound and look really good! I've always been wary of ebay false lashes since some of them have string for a band :O

  15. I like you post reviews! Nice blog! I am following you now.
    Have a nice day.x

  16. After seeing this post I bought the natural set and they arrived yesterday. I havent used them yet but I am impressed they look so natural. Thanks for the link x

  17. Ooh great, glad so many of you are loving these x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx