Friday, 8 October 2010

Polish Haul from ASOS !

I was so pleased when my order from ASOS arrived with my bargain Polishes that i got in the sale this week. I thought you might like some pictures.
The only problem now is choosing which one to wear?
It's very rare that i buy more than 1 or 2 polishes at a time so i am in polish heaven at the moment.
So here's what i ordered :

 Essies : Mint Candy Apple, Haute As Hello, Mink Muffs, Pink Parka.

Models Own: Green Tea, Sterling Silver.

 ASOS: Kate, Lauren, Lily, Blake

ASOS: Victoria, Alexa, Daisy

How cute are the ASOS bottles. I think i paid some thing ridiculous for all these polishes about the £20 mark.
I am wearing Haute as hello at the moment but can't decide what to try out next. Any requests?


  1. What a bargain! The Essie one's look gorgeous!!


  2. Models Own: Sterling Silver. and let us know if is looks good, please

  3. oooh very nie haul! love the Essie ones esp the green and pink. Never tried the ASOS polishes so looking forward to some reviews if you get a chance! :)

  4. the ons with the bows are so cute !!! love this and great deal !!!

  5. Haha no wonder you can't decide! I ended up ordering 9 - Essie, Illamasqua and OPI. Would love to see one of the Ciate ones next, the bottles are so cute! I have Agyness and Pixie from their range for ASOS. x

  6. They all look so lovely!! The asos bottles look so cute! :)


  7. Pink Parka is my favorite!! I love wearing that color on my toes ;-)

    Oh, and have you stopped by LOCATION CENTRAL to put in your country info? It's the blog where you find other bloggers in your area.

  8. I also bought a ridiculous amount of nail varnish (& other stuff!) in the asos sale, including I think the same Model's Own & asos Paints ones as you, plus a couple of Eyeko ones..
    My order hasn't arrived yet though :( I can't wait!

  9. great purchases! my favorite is pink parka by essie! perfect for summer, and even great for fall.


  10. Looks like a fun haul! Look at those pretty nail colors!

  11. Oh you got Mint Candy Apple! <33

  12. Ha, check you out! I've got ASOS Victoria, it's lovely but mine has gone gloopy now. Wish I'd got a backup in my last order. I only ordered one OPI, but got loads of clothes :-)

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  14. Ooh pink parka!!! I really like the look of that one! :)

  15. oh i LOVE asos!

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  16. I picked up so bargain polishes too i love the ASOS ones! x

  17. ooh that essie Pink Parka is so adorable!

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  18. Fab colours especially that mink one from essie!

  19. hahaa, i understand it is so hard to choose which color next while looking at a line of new nail polishes XDD

    maybe try some darker one??


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx