Tuesday, 12 October 2010

HELP 4 Gappy Lashes !!!

Yes you read the title right Gappy Lashes.
If you have ever had Lash extensions then you will know where I'm coming from. 
I am trained in Eyelash extensions, i happen to love the results BUT the one thing i hate with a passion is when they start to come out and i am left looking like a prat with a few really long lashes mixed in with my short stubby natural ones. (Not a good look). 
Yes you can have them filled in but this can be expensive and at some point you will either want them removed or want a way to camouflage them for an everyday look.

My eyes 3 weeks after my extensions :(

 Revlon comes to the rescue. These little clumps of lashes are a genius invention. You just place them in the gaps with a little glue. They work perfectly.

Close up: I love the feathered effect on these they look so natural.

 Both eyes with a few of these added. I could of added more for oomph but i just wanted to look natural.

I use duo adhesive. Sorry Revlon but your glue in these are pants.

I added a little liquid liner for simple but polished eyes. These little lash clumps are amazing. I found these in my local ASDA for about £6 and you can reuse them again. They are great for adding intensity at the outer corners and even on top of a set of false lashes for added flutter.

Have you tried these before? They are such a great idea xx


  1. wow! these look fab!
    im thinking of getting the duo adhesive, would you recommend it?

  2. Thanks small old bean, i have used it for years and wouldn't use anything else it's fab x

  3. Never tried them before, they look great though. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. wow! the lashes look fab
    im thinking of getting some jeje so real

  5. Great post!! I have had eyelash extensions in the past, and while I adore the look- I, too, hate the gaps!!! Great suggestion-thanks so much for the info.


  6. They are lovely, very natural looking. Never seen reckon lashes in stores, my boots has a tiny revlon counter but I'll keep an eye out for them. X

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  8. Havent try these!But I love the fact that they look so natural!!!

  9. these look really beautiful sweetie! I've never tried false eyelashes,but might do if they look this good!! xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx