Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sleek Good Girl Look !

Hi there my beautiful  girlies, this morning i decided to go totally opposite to the Halloween theme and try out my Good Girl Palette that i purchased this week from Superdrug.
I have most of Sleek's palettes and have always been super impressed by the pigmentation, variety of colours and value for money.
My 2 most recent purchases:

 Good girl Palette:

 Bad Girl Palette:

As a lover of the smokey eyes i was immediately drawn to the Bad girl palette but the Good girl palette was something that i didn't really have in my collection as I'm not a pink eyeshadow kind of girl but i thought it was so pretty i got it anyway lol.

I tried it out this morning and have to say i love the look i created with it. This palette is a lot more wearable and versatile than i first thought.

I used from the Good Girl Palette:

Meringue as a wash of colour on my eyes, some black eyeliner and mascara.
Meringue & candyfloss on my cheeks with a duo fibre brush
Strawberry Sorbet on the lips with clear gloss over the top.

You can really use these colours as eye shadows, blushers, lip products and so this palette will be getting used a lot more than first impressions would suggest.
I will of course be using the bad girl very soon but once again Sleek have hit the Jackpot with this gorgeous Palette. xx


  1. thanks for the tips..I thought the Good Girl palette was doomed to be an eyeshadow and blush for eternity..but seems like it can be used on the lips too! =D

  2. oh, that looks lovely :) this just have made my mind to get them both :)

  3. Great idea using it as blush and lippy! xxx

  4. That looks very girly and pretty on you. I just ordered these two palettes, and really only got the Good Girl one because it's LE - I didn't think I'd have much practical use for it. However, seeing the look you've created makes me think it will be lovely for Spring (and I'm in Australia, so it's Spring here right now!).

  5. Wow, it looks fab on you. Was a little worried about all the pinks in the Good Girl palette. Pink makes me think of sore eyes! lol But how cool is that, you used it as blush and lip colour. Fantastic!! x

  6. oooo love both of those palettes...this thursday coming there is 50% off sleek in their online store....yeah xxxx

  7. Great post!
    I love the look, it's so wearable and classy!

  8. You pull of the look really well. Might get the good girl palette now :)

  9. Fab look :-) I think it's a gorgeous palette but I have to admit I was a bit lost as to how to go about using all those pinks! This is a great help x

  10. Pretty! I love the badgirl palette!

  11. I wasn't sure about using pinks, but you've created such a gorgeous look! It's a lot more versatile than I thought so I might pick it up :)
    I love bad girl palette!


  12. Beautiful use of the Good Girl palette! The bad girl palette looks awesome! You would have thought they could have been a little more creative on the Good Girl palette than just pinks!

  13. just lovely lady - can't understand why they've not been promoting it as a double use palette - I think a lot of folks will be put off by thinking they've just got pink eyeshadows to gain, meh!

    think the really red one would make an awesome blush with a tan (used lightly)


  14. love the look <3
    both look like great palettes !!

  15. Great look, I'm more of a bad girl palette too!

  16. Oh I love the look you created, so girly!!! :) These palettes will be mine soon, I'm waiting for their 50% off on Tuesday!!! Yay!!! :D

  17. that pink palette looks amazing.
    you face also look amazing.
    you are stunning.<3

  18. They look amazing! It's a shame we don't have sleek in ROI

  19. face look flawless and fresh makeup <3 love the pallets
    hugs xxx have a lovely day

  20. Absolutely gorgeous girly look..Very fresh look.. ^_^..


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx