Wednesday, 6 October 2010

On a quest for whiter teeth!

So as some of you ladies know i have been giving Yotuel all in one whitening toothpaste a whirl in my quest for whiter teeth.

 The directions for this is to brush teeth for three mins as usual but 3 times a day. Well i have to admit that i have only managed twice a day but i have really tried to do the full 3 minutes and i have used it without fail for just under one month even taking it on my little trip away. So did it make my teeth any lighter?
Photo 1 is before i started using Yotuel & Photo 2 is Today

Photo 1
Photo 2

The reason why my skin looks lighter in the second photo is because i have no makeup or fake tan on lol.
I have to say although it is very subtle i do think i can see a slight difference. If nothing else my teeth look cleaner and slightly brighter.
The good thing about this toothpaste is that it is convenient to use it as an everyday toothpaste so no extra hassle and although it is not a massive difference i think with a bit more time it would be more noticeable.
My husband did say to me the other day that my teeth looked whiter and at just £8.99 then its not exactly breaking the bank.

I think this toothpaste would be brilliant for people who have quite white teeth naturally and are wanting to keep them that way as it definitely helps to avoid staining.
Another bonus is that there was no sensitivity at all and the product helps to keep teeth & gums healthy :)
In fact the paste has very low abrasivity which is quite rare in teeth whitening products and can only be a positive thing.

Unfortunately  for me personally i think i need to try something a little harsher but i will be using this for maintenance without a doubt & fingers crossed that long term use will provide the results i am looking for.

Have any of you ladies tried this product before? I would love to know your thoughts xx
Product stockists : John Bell & Croyden,


  1. i am also on a quest for whiter teeth im currently using plus white 5 minute twice daily i'm on day 6 and i see a difference (you use for 14 days them maintain)

    I have been using it with a cotton bud but i think it would work best with a shield. It makes my teeth a little sensitive but for the sake of a whiter smile i don't care! : D xxx

  2. ive been using blanx and it made a difference!

  3. Miss Jones I tried plus white after reading rave reviews but i didn't seem to make much difference on me. Maybe i'm just one of those people who does not have white teeth naturally :( xx

    Harpreet I've not tried blanx before i will look at giving it a try xx

  4. Have you seen on Wahanda they have a deal for a teeth whitener which looks like a good deal - I think its £18 instead of £99.

    Have you tried Crest Strips (from eBay?) I've always had great success with them but my teeth are so sensitive I couldn't keep it up!

  5. i like the Beverly Hills formula! Also I heard you can mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and it does the job for cheap! I'm going to try that.. but im going to get my teeth whitened at the dentists - I take a lot of care of my teeth but they dont look white to me (probably due to drinking 3 cups of tea a day lol!) XX

  6. i also need to do something to get my teeth whiter. i have tried some natural ways but nothing works, since i have my braces on i cannot do a profesional whitening with the dentist so please keep coming the post and if something works for you let me know.

  7. Thanks for all your replies, it seems a lot of others are searching for a perfect home bleaching kit xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx