Saturday, 28 August 2010

Tag 8 Questions ????

I was tagged by the lovely Sabra Rose thanks hun ! So here are her fab questions:
1) What's your favourite lipstick or lipgloss?
I go through fazes like most of us i think but i am loving my MAC Creme d nude at the moment.

2) Do you love fake tan or do you just embrace being pale?
I am naturally quite tanned, i think being half Italian helps but i do like to give myself a helping hand so fake it with St moritz or whatever i have to hand. I always wear a high factor sunscreen when out in the sun and a spf on my face all the time.

3) Are you a dog or cat person?
I don't have any pets but i do love dogs, particularly little cute ones. I don't like poop though. So i couldn't have a dog lol. If i did have a dog though it would be one like this:

4) Do you feel more comfortable in jeans or a skirt?
I definitely feel more comfortable in Jeans but more Sexy in a skirt.

5) Do you like matte or glowy skin? Do you prefer to start with a matte base and highlight certain places on your face or do you just like to glow all over?
I love to look glowy i think its flattering but not greasy looking. Just healthy and natural. I do love a nice highlighter on the cheekbones especially strobe cream from MAC

6) What's your favourite fruit?
Melon, i love the melon you get when you are abroad, its always so sweet.

7) Who's your style icon and who's your make-up icon?
I don't really have a style or make up icon. I dont follow trends that much i just wear what i like and think flatters my shape.
I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers :)

8) How do you feel about tattoos?
I love tattoos on men. I think certain ones are gorgeous on girls. I don't have any myself although i have been tempted.
I think its a really personal thing and some people look amazing with them and some look a bit tacky.
When i first met my husband it was on a blind date and he wore a long sleeved top just to cover his tattoos as he thought it might put me off him ( bless )

My Questions are:
1. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
2. How many times have you really been in love?
3. Favourite body lotion?
4. Do you believe in spirits/ ghosts?
5. Whats your favourite drink? Alcoholic or soft drink?
6. Do you have a big family?
7. Did you have a nickname at school?
8. What 1 makeup/ skincare item are you lusting after?

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  1. great post ,, i love tattoos on men also <3 ah so sexy ,, hehe

  2. I wonder when I will be tagged to this kind of questions :) I like to answer too ^^ hihi but I'm really new in blogging :)

  3. Kaizokumousy i tag you too. Now you have to participate xx

  4. Thanks for answering the questions hun, I enjoyed reading your answers! :) That dog is sooo cute! haha x

  5. aww thanks for the tag!!!!! I will answer the questions as soon as possible!

  6. Yay!:) thank you.youre so sweet :)

  7. Great wuestions! I'll have a think and post some answers on my blog x

  8. :) I've done my very first post for tag Nicoletta
    please check it out ^_^ and I tagged you back again.


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