Monday, 16 August 2010

Battle of the shower gels !!!

Hi there my fabulous girls. Hope you are all having a great day. I have a question. Is it me or can you not resist buying a gorgeous smelling shower gel?
I now force myself to walk through boots dodging the shower isle. I think the problem is the smell. The manufactures make it so difficult for me to walk past a gorgeous sounding product and once i smell !!!!
That's it they have me , i have to buy it. Do i need a shower gel ? Am i running out of shower gel? Do i not love the shower gel I'm using?
Obviously the answer to all these is no. Will  my brain register all this information? Of course not lol.
So i counted up and i have 5 bottles of shower gel in my 1 shower. This just isn't right. There will be no room for me soon let alone the shampoo, conditioner, face wash, scrubs, etc that a woman in 2010 needs in her shower.
Although saying that i do adore each and every one of these. So from left to right we have :

Hot butter fudge bath syrup. This smells just like golden syrup. For a foody sugary hit you cant get much better than a whiff of this. I got this while shopping at asda, for some reason i let myself loose down the shower isle and one smell was enough to have this thrown straight away into my trolley.
Sadly though the smell does not seem to work once in the bath so i use it on my body as a shower gel. Once washed off there is no residue of sweety smells so i don't think i would buy this one again

Burt bee's citrus & ginger root. Love this to bits, it smells really refreshing and leaves my skin super soft. A bit on the pricey side but for mornings there's nothing quite like it. The ginger is not too overpowering and the citrus cuts through making it fresh and zingy.

Vanilla biscuit from pink cow in boots. Cheap and delicious. The smell is Divine, i love anything vanilla and this one really lingers on the skin and creates lots of sweet smelling bubbles. I find this really comforting and have been using this the most out of all 5 products.

Lush Snow Fairy, yet another sweet candy fragrance, a really girly shower gel with tiny bits of glitter. I use this when i want to feel feminine and pretty. Makes me smell lovely and the bathroom for a good few hrs. Leaves my skin really soft and can even be used in the hair too. I call it my Barbie shower gel as it's something i would imagine Barbie using lol.

Last but not least my Lush yummy yummy yummy. Loved by Yummy mummy's everywhere and lots of non mummy's too.
Really creamy strawberry fragranced shower cream which again leaves my skin super soft and it has a long lasting smell. I think this has sadly been discontinued now which is a shame as it's a gorgeous product.

So do you girls have a bit of a compulsive buying habit when it comes to shower gels or is it just me ???


  1. I loove vanilla flavoured shower gels! Yum!

  2. ha, yep - this made me smile, I always have shower gels and a million and one bath products on the go - can't help it!! ... but totally drawn to sugary sweet smells too, we're just total girlies at heart eh? x

  3. I'm addicted to shower gels too. Great post xx

  4. I love ginger! I'm sure it smells great.

  5. Thank ypu for your comment! Great blog, dear! You have handsome sons!!!

    Love, Lana.

  6. Hi sweety! I would say my favourite one is Snow Fairy! Yum! But I have not tried all the ones in the picture.
    I am ashamed I had not found your great blog before! I am a new follower, for sure!

  7. I think I NEED Snow Fairy! It's limited edition, isn't it? I love that you'd imagine Barbie using it :) That makes me think I need it even more! lol :) xx

  8. Hi Nicoletta,

    You have won my Friday Freebie! will you email me with your address and the mascara will be on it's way to you.

    Ellie x

  9. I have the Lush Snow Fairy but still haven't used it! I think I am scared of the glitter!

  10. The snow fairy glitter washes straight off. So dont worry, you wont end up like a disco ball lol x

  11. Wow, awesome stuff! Another shower gel addict here!

  12. LUSH anything is my favorite! Their products were sent from the heavens, I swear.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx