Thursday, 12 August 2010

Leeds Waterfall spa Rose Raspberry & Chocolate Facial

A few months ago i visited Leeds Waterfall Spa for a lovely pampering day with one of my best friends. I want to tell you about one of the treatments i received on the day as it was pure heaven.
I know a lot of my lovely girlies who read this are from leeds so if you have not been to the spa then i seriously suggest you do if you get the chance.
I must admit i had read very mixed reviews of this spa but i can honestly say everything was perfect. The staff were so friendly and the whole place had a really welcoming vibe to it.
One of the best treatments i had while i was there was the  Rose Raspberry & Chocolate facial.
Here is how it is described on the website:
The perfect facial for chocoholics! With this delectable facial your skin can reap the benefits and you can indulge in a chocolate fix whilst keeping a guilt free, calorie free conscience. Using the finest cocoa beans packed full of powerful minerals, this facial detoxifies whilst it induces deep relaxation and a feeling of happiness. Combined with exfoliating raspberry and purifying rose oil this treatment highlights your skin's natural beauty and leaves you looking radiant.

The treatment itself was fabulous, it was so relaxing and the smell of all the products being used was amazing.
The facial lasted over an hr and included a lovely scalp and hand massage. The cost is £75 which is not cheap but if you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one then it is definitely worth paying that little bit extra.
I came out of the treatment room floating on air feeling totally relaxed and pampered. The overall experience at waterfall spa was amazing the steam rooms and spa facilities are just as good as many of the bigger spas and the place was nice and quiet and the therapists let you wander around at your leisure using the facility's and collecting you for your treatments so you can just chill out and take things at your own pace.
Me and my friend spent quite a while curled up on these beautiful huge beds with cosy blankets reading magazines and chatting and drifting off to sleep. I love the fact that the spa is ladies only and so i felt less conscious wandering around all day with no makeup on.

Did the Facial help my skin ?
Yes absolutely, my skin immediately looked brighter and fresh looking and the next day it looked a lot clearer.
I noticed a difference in pore size and my skin looked more even over the next few weeks. If i ever had the chance to go back i would definitely want another one of these facials.

Before we left we were had fresh fruit and marshmallows dipped in Belgium chocolate and drank a few glasses of champagne it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
You can find out more about the spa and the treatments offered here


  1. That sounds like Heaven! I need a spa fix. Looks like a lovely place.

  2. It sounds lovely.. the spa is so close to me and I;ve always fancied going.

  3. wow ,, sounds really good ,, i need a day of pampering myself =(

  4. I want to visit this spa, but the reviews have got me worried, was you suggest this spa to others?

  5. Hi Rima, i was also a bit worried as i read some bad reviews about the place but when i went everything was lovely.
    I do think i have quite high expectations as well as i have been to quite a few spas.
    I would recommend it.
    Email me if you want any more info hun xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx