Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bargain jewelry stand

Hi there ladies, i just wanted to show you my pretty jewelry stand i picked up a few days ago at B & M stores.
It was just £2.99 which I thought was a brilliant price. I have been looking out for something like this but all the ones i have seen have been too small.
This fits just nice on my dressing table and i love the pretty cream classic colour and how it has 2 rows of hangers so i can add both my necklaces and bracelets on it.

And here it is will my bracelets and necklaces hung from it. Cheap & Chic i think.
I'm hoping it will make it much easier to find my accessories and stop them getting so tangled up.
I definitely need some more necklaces as i don't have much choice so i will be keeping my eyes open for some more pretty soon. I just thought you might like a look, i love seeing how people keep there things but then again i am rather nosey.
 Hope you are all having a nice relaxing evening XX


  1. That's very pretty! I'm looking for one too, but prices here are too expensive!
    We have the same drawer thing though! :O ahah

  2. Ooh this looks very nice :) x

  3. this looks so pretty love it and love the price ! :) x

  4. I'm so glad you found this! Its lovely really :)
    I love it remember your comment on my special find?


    Now you got the perfect one!
    Have a good week darling!

  5. so cute! I love jewellery stands like this :)

  6. Renay Shanel, i had forgot about that post lol x

  7. such a cute stand and a great idea for keeping things organised!

  8. Jewellery stands are so convenient, they don't only hold all your jewllery and makes it easier for you to access them without having to look through drawers but they look supper cute anywhere you place them.

    Love it!


  9. I got this too! Its amazing for the price :) xx

  10. That looks like an amazing bargain and really pretty - but my cats would knock it down in a second (they're so naughty!) I also wanted to let you know I've awarded you the Sweet Friends Award and Tag over on my blog. xx

  11. What a bargain eh?!
    Love this, it's so pretty :)

  12. Ah thanks bristol beauty blog, i will go check it out now x
    XdiamondsandpearlsX snaps ha

  13. how funny ! i just did a post like this today ,, before i see yours <3 haha

    i love the one u have =( so pretty .


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx