Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bare & Beautiful

Hi there my lovely bloggers, some of you might remember that i did a little post about the gorgeous bare & beautiful recently and i said i had a couple of products to review. Well here is the first one:

Bath Float Shea Butter Bling Bling 

Look how gorgeous this looks. 3 layers of scummy smelling luxury bathing bliss. The layers are made up of mango, lemon and strawberry. As soon as i opened it the fragrance came wafting out. Really refreshing and sweet with a beautiful little soap star as a topping. How cute do these look.

Now i only used a third of this bath float,  i just broke a chunk off and crumbled it into the bath, it fizzed away as i happily layed back and breathed in the aroma. Now the shea butter does seem to float around in little chunks so i gave it a helping hand by sqidging it around a little and rubbing some of the shea butter onto my skin. I found this product really uplifting as well as very pampering. After wallowing in the bath for about 30 minutes  i patted myself dry and my skin felt really gorgeous, there is definitely no need for any moisturiser after you have used this little beauty. Even my feet felt a lot softer and i will definitely be getting this again. The great thing is the shea butter seems to really absorb into your skin so it feels really smooth and soft instantly without leaving a greasy residue.

The price is great at just £1.75 which will last me at least 3 baths so great value for money. The other thing i really like is that the products are all hand made and contain no nasty SLS or hash chemicals. You can find all sorts of bath mallows here that are hand made by the lovely Sarah as well as loads of other bath and skincare goodies.




  1. Oooo sounds fantastic and so cheap too. Im going to take a look at the website now. xx

  2. It sounds and looks loooovely, and for only £1.75, bargain !! Definitely going to have to check them out :)
    - Beth x

  3. It looks so pretty! And amazing for the price! xx

  4. wow looks amazing haha ,, i would eat that ! lol =D

  5. Looks like candy treats! I'll sure treat my self to that! Love it!


  6. It looks lovely - and a great price! x

  7. Looks so nice, I wouldn't want to use it!

  8. It is really lovely, i know you mean about not wanting to use it lol x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx