Monday, 30 August 2010

Sleek pout polish Pink Cadillac

Hi ladies, hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday Monday. I know the sleek lip polishes have been around for ages but i have only just tried my first one so thought i would show you it today. I really love how shiny it looks on and it smells gorgeous. I cant make out if its chocolate or something? If anyone knows let me know.

I love the rasberry bright colour in the pot. I applied it with my ruby & millie lip brush.

It's bright on the lips but not in your face bright. I think it lifts the rest of my makeup.

Do you girls have any of these and more so do you actually wear them?


  1. I really want to get one of these! x

  2. I haven't tried them yet. What eyeshadow are you wearing? It looks lovely :D


  3. Oh looks awesome! Was supposed to get one of these with my glamour subscription but it never turned up :-( You have really nice lips....I really hate mine they're too thin! xxx

  4. Thankyou, its out of one of my sleek palettes, i will check and get back to you x

  5. Hi Nic mine came free with glamour too. You should ring and find out where it is x

  6. I love your lip color..totally gorgeous..I love your FOTD too..=)..

  7. Im still waiting for my free gift aswell!!! I emailed them on Thursday but havent heard back yet!! :(

    I havent tried any of these but the colours look lovely on you :) your eyes look amazing.

    Sher x

  8. I want this :D

    Thank you for your comment <3

    xo Christine

  9. How gorgeous! I've never used any of the Sleek products but am dying to try them. I love th casing.

  10. Very pretty! I've not used any sleek products either, but keep hearing good things about them! x

  11. Waouuuuuu love this look :) The color on your lid is stunning :)
    I didn't know what was the result of the polish, coz I never tried it :/
    It looks pigmented on your lips, love the result :)

  12. super pretty color ,, and love ur makeup as always ,,


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx