Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Nicoletta's Nick Nacks

I'm sorry i can't stop giggling about the title it sounds like a great name for a shop don't you think?
Anyway i am always on the look out for little Nick Nacks for my home as it is quite a big house with lots of empty wall space which makes the place look a bit unhomely so i am making it my mission to pretty the place up a little. Here are my latest buys

I got this wire heart shaped hanger from the one and only TK MAX. It was just £6.99. I plan on hanging this somewhere in my bedroom and adding photos to it of me and hubby.

This plaque i brought yesterday when shopping at meadow hall in Sheffield. There is a place called the lanes with some little shops it caught my eye as we are always loosing our keys. I've hung this on the wall next to the front door. It cost £8.99 and i just love it.

My final Nick Nack is again from yesterdays shopping trip and it cost just £4.99, i have hung this in the kitchen next to the window.

I still need lots of things for the house, pictures, mirrors, shelves all sorts really. So keep an out for more of Nicoletta's Nick Nacks.
Do you girls have a favourite shop for home items or do you search around like me ?


  1. love all your purchases...dont us girls like our things hahahah...some nice boxes would look great too and they hide a load of crap!!!lol

  2. i love that key holder,i need one xxxx

  3. I love little interior decor items! These are fab! My fav interior shops are expensive but I like to do my own wall art/paintings.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx