Wednesday, 18 August 2010

False lashes and gold and grey shadow

Hi there ladies, now grey and gold is not a colour i would usually wear together but i was playing around this morning and decided to wear a shimmery gold Everyday mineral shadow on the lid and a pale grey matte as a highlighter. I then lined my eyes with clinique grey liner and winged out slightly underneath. Added falsies and mascara.

The lashes were really hard to apply they seemed overly bendy somehow. Anyway, I'm glad i persevered as i like the end result.
Here is what I'm wearing today. New top from NEXT outlet which was in the sale for £12 i love it. They only had a size 14 left but i just wear a belt with it and it's also long enough to pass as a dress in summer.
This top was just 1 of the many things that made me break my no spend. There is lots more photos of things to come. Whoops.

Long top Next £12
Long Waistcoat Primark sale £5
Tights & boots from last year i cant remember where from but know the boots were in the sale. What makes you think i love a bargain ?
I was so comfy in this outfit, i went food shopping and picked up a nail polish & top coat on the way home.
I will show you these soon my lovelies xx


  1. I need that waistcoat in my life lol!! The gold and grey actually look really pretty together xxx

  2. super lovely as always ,, the colors look great ,, and i wish i can wear false lashes =( so hard ,, lol

  3. Very pretty! I love the gold on you.

  4. The eyeshadow color on your eyelid is gorgeous! so pretty =)!

  5. The colours work really well I think and look lovely on you. Love your hair do also ;)

    Ive swatched the glitter polishes now, so check out my blogpost.

    Sher x

  6. woweee your eyes look beeeautiful! love the colours xx

  7. The gold looks amazing on you!!!

  8. Thanks everybody for those lovely comments, it's always nice when you try something different and it comes out nice x

  9. Absoulutly loving the gold babes, it seems to work so well with the grey too.

    What do you use to fill on your brows hunny? They look immaculate!

    The next dress/top is gorgeous! Love how you've teamed it with a belt.

  10. LOVELY LOOK! The updo really suits you and so does the dress.
    I totally love this look on you (makeup, hair and ensemble). You're a rock mom!!!

    Oh and thanks for your lovely email, I've been so busy I couldn't reply. I'll investigate if the same type of non-hormonal "thing" is available here in Italy as well. :******

  11. How pretty! And oh my gosh, I LOVE that outfit. The belt around is just perfect. You're gorgeous!

  12. Gorgeous..Absolutely gorgeous..^_^..

  13. Jo i use prestige coffee bean eyeshadow on my brows and a bare minerals brow brush. Thanks for the lovely compliment. x

    I'm so pleased you like my outfit, i was a bit worried the top might look too big but it's such a comfy everyday look. I'm sure i will get lots of wear out of it now.
    I get so much inspiration from other blogs when it comes to clothes.
    I am enjoying blogging so much and am so grateful to each and every one of you gorgeous girls for reading my blog XXX

  14. that eyeshadow is so gorgeous!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx