Thursday, 12 August 2010

L'oreal Perfect clean purifying foaming wash Review

  I thought you girlies might be interested in a little review for my latest wash off cleanser L'oreal Perfect clean purifying foaming wash. 
my skin can be a little sensitive at times, i suffer with breakouts and blackheads i am also getting some fine lines.   
So anyway on with the Review: 
I just love this face wash, it really does a great thorough job of removing all my makeup and it seems to clean deep down into my pores .
I love the slight tingly cool sensation it leaves on my skin as well. I use the little scrublet that comes with it concentrating on my chin, nose and forehead as they are my problem areas. The price is great too and very affordable for any budget.
I'm sure the scrublet really makes a difference as it exfoliates those little dead skin cells and seems to literally scrub off the dirt which can get trapped under the skin.
The product can be found on special offer and even at full price it retails at around £5 which is a bargain in my eyes.
I will definitely buy this again although you only need a small amount so imagine it will last me for quite a while.
The only problem for me is the design of the lid. It snapped off the first time i used it. Hopefully mine was a one off and i can place the lid back on but it is a pain. However it will not put me off buying again.
I have found it does help prevent spots and helps clear up any outbreaks that i have.
I am a bit naughty and don't use it as regularly as i should do but even with the amount i do use it,  i have noticed a difference so if you are not a lazy scrubber like me then I'm sure the results would be outstanding :)


  1. I just saw a commercial for this (I've seen them before) but, I thought when I run out of my Biore pore unclogging scrub I am going to have to get this! Thanks for the review, now I really want it(:


  2. I looove the scrublet in it, it's amazing! I have the one for sensitive skin and the exfoliator one, I love them! Great post! x

  3. I have the exfoliating one, think I might try this one out next!

  4. I have the pink one for dry and sensitive skin, it's really nice! :) I adore the scrublet hihihi! :)



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