Thursday, 19 August 2010

Blinging cheap nail polish

I just wanted to share a little purchase i made the other day.

 Sally Hanson Megashine. I have been reading about this on other blogs and anything to make my polish last longer is something i have to try. I will review this soon enough.

I paid the bargenous price of £2.99 at the market.

I also got this multiglitter polish at just £1.99
It is a gold, Green and blue mix. It really clashes with everything i own but i cant help but love it.
 I expect i will make the most of it at Xmas but every now and then a bit of full on glitter is a bit of fun.
By the way i understand if you don't like this. xx


  1. wow, for w7, that looks quite a good polish! xxxx

  2. I bought a W7 nail polish and I must say for the price it's a really good polish! x

  3. LOVE it!! And you got a great deal on it...I want to try the S.H. Megashine!

  4. I love glitter, so anything sparkle heavy is a plus to me.

    I'm also on a hunt for anything that can delay the wreckage of my manicure, so maybe I'll look into this Sally Hansen top coat. I love SH, so I'm sure it won't be a waste.

  5. MY GOD, that glitter polish looks stunning! I love glitters =D

  6. love it =D ,, reminded me of christmas tree =D

  7. I love it and Christmas tree comes to mind, all the pretty colours which sparkle on a tree :) x

  8. Just to let you know this stuff is a complete nightmare to remove. It literally took me 20 mins to scrub it off my nails so WARNING be prepared for removal struggle lol x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx