Monday, 23 August 2010

ELF Minty gloss in San Diego & Mineral gloss in clear

Hello my gorgeous Girlies, i just want to fill you in on a quick review of two products i recently received from beautyjudge for review purposes.
I must admit that i do have a bit of a soft spot for a lot of the ELF products, i really like the fact that the whole range is really affordable and they constantly seem to be coming up with new and exciting products.
I was sent this product in the shade San Diego which is a sheer red with gold glitter in it.
When i first looked at the colour i was a little unsure but once i applied it i just loved it. The texture is not sticky like a lot of glosses and it applies really smoothly. The minty smell is a really lovely feature it smells like mint polos.
When you apply the gloss it feels really cooling and tingly on the lips and if you happen to lick your lips it tastes really really good. A bit too good as it made me want to keep licking my lips. A sweet and minty taste.
The colour was quite sheer but easy to build a nice strong colour if i applied another layer. The golden glitter was really pretty and catches the light making it look dazzling.
The glitter parts were not gritty either and i definitely will be buying these in other shades as well.
I would really love to apply this after a meal as the cooling tingly sensation is nice and refreshing and it lasts an hr or so on the lips. I have glosses which last longer but at this price i don't mind reapplying at all.
If you haven't tried these then i would definitely give them a shot.
I have tried to show the glitter in the photos but in real life its a bit more glitzy. Great for a night out on the town x
Now the mineral gloss in clear is a hard one to review as i have to admit that one clear gloss in my eyes is much the same as any brand clear gloss lol.
I don't often wear clear gloss without a lipstick but i gave it a go with a little nude coloured liner and here's how it looked:
It is a nice gloss not too sticky and it lasted a while on my lips. It is ok just like any other clear gloss really. I did really like it when applied over the top of the ELF mineral lipstick in runway pink. It really changed the look of the lipstick and made it much more wearable on me.

As you can see its a pretty colour runway pink but a little dry looking in my opinion.
Here is a few photos with the ELF mineral gloss on top.
I really love the combination and think it could easily become a favourite.
What lip products have you tried from ELF ???


  1. wow both colors look gorg on you especially the red with your dark hair..may have to invest in one..i love elf too for the very same reasons you do!!x

  2. BTW i have just put my order in for Lady mucks...carnt wait for it to arrrive and i will do a review!!! xx

  3. I agree, the red looks GORG on you!

  4. Nice shades. I have yet to try ELF cosmetics, but I'm always hearing/reading great things about them. I think I'm gonna pick a few things up next time I'm out.

  5. gorgeous combination ,, love the coral gloss ,, and pale pink lipstick =)

  6. Thanks girls i dont wear red a lot but people always seem to like it on me. I think this one is great though as its a little less full on than some i have. xx

  7. The lip colour looks lovely on you! xx

  8. Love the first one, will be putting that on my list!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx