Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Beauty bargain of the day !

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up of this bargain that i picked up in superdrug yesterday. I saw this on another blog but cant remember who it was now (Smacks wrist)

Anyway this lovely set of three eyeshadows from Accessorize are reduced to just £1.99 so a great chance to try them out for those of us counting the pennies.

Accessorize set £1.99

Each of the shades are really shimmery and such pretty pigmented colours, i cant wait to try them out properly.

Swatches with no primer

I did notice they had a few different shades in these sets but sadly the other colours had been damaged. The texture is really soft so i assume they might crumble quite easily if you are too heavy handed with them.

I've never tried any of the Accessories products so had to snap these up at this price. So if you like the look of these keep your eyes peeled in your local superdrug as i imagine they will sell out very fast xx

Monday, 30 May 2011

M2Beaute Eyelash results 2 months on!

Eeeek I'm really excited to show you the results from using my M2Beaute eyelash duo products. The results are really starting to show now and i couldn't be more pleased.

M2Beaute serum and Gloss are designed to increase the length fullness and strength of eyelashes and they have done exactly that :)

So lets get on with the results:

I am thrilled with the results so far, my lashes have not looked this good for years.

The serum is easily applied at night time just as you would a liquid eyeliner. Maximum results are achieved by week 16 so i will update you all with the results at that point.
Key ingredients:

  • MDN: Promotes the natural growth of the eyelashes
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7): Strengthens lashes and retards the lash loss cycle
  • Hyaluronic acid: Keeps lashes moisturised and supple
  • Prodew 300: Absorbs and binds moisture
  • Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans: Affixes moisture, supporting elasticity and making lashes more flexible.

The revitalising gloss is used like a mascara twice a day and i have been religious with application of both products only missing about 3 times in the full 2 months of use.
Key Ingredients:

  • Copper tripeptide-1: Creates the optimum environment for M2Lashes Serum to work most efficiently
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5): Provides moisture and lets your lashes shine
  • Hydrolyzed collagen: Improves eyelash structure making lashes strong and tenacious
  • Sodium hyaluronate: Attracts and binds moisture to the lashes
  • Argine: Strengthens eyelashes and creates superior surroundings to encourage healthy lash growth
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein: Protects and improves elasticity, imparts volume, flexibility and resiliency making lashes easier to shape and curl.
The duo is available in Harrods or from the M2Beaute website found here
The Activating Serum costs £120.00 and the Revitalizing Gloss £45 which although expensive actually works out at less than £1 per day.

I went out this week and where as i usually feel naked without my false lashes i felt my lashes looked long enough to get away without them.

My lashes have become longer, thicker and even more curled and even if my lashes were at the optimum length now i would still be thrilled with the results. If you have short, sparse lashes or damaged from extensions etc i would give this a try without a doubt.
I was very doubtful in the beginning but i take it all back.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Navy Nail Fail !

Don't you hate it when a nail polish looks really pretty in the bottle but fails to deliver once on the nails. I purchased this No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Betty Blues as it looked such a gorgeous navy blue with tonnes of glitter.

In this picture with the flash you can see how lovely ( excuse the rubbish paint job ) the colour is up close but unfortunately in real life it looks a dark navy almost black and no glitter shows through at all :(

This photo is with flash and still no glitter

I might try and get a blue glitter polish to go over the top as i love the idea of glittery navy nails but sadly this one just didn't cut it. If you know of any shades I'd love some suggestions xx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Updated Storage Space ! Pic Heavy

Yaaay its the weekend. Hope you are all having fun whatever you are doing. I was going through my stash the other day when i realised i needed extra room so thought I'd show you a few pics of how i organise my stash.
My Vanity Area

Lipstick storage Mac, Sleek, Barry M

Sleek/ Nars Blushers/ Pencils/ Palettes / Everyday brushes & Eyelash Curlers

Leather Look Drawers

Favourite glosses/ loose pigments



Cream/gel blushers


Tucked away underneath my desk

Foundations/ powders / Concealers

Eyeshadow palettes/ eyeshadows/ brush cleaner / Face mist

 Lipsticks/ False Eyelashes/ Tape

As you can see there is lots of room if i buy anything else :) and most importantly i can find everything really easily. If you want to see anything in more detail just let me know. Do you have all your stuff neat and tidy or are you a throw it in kind of girl ?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks collection !

Hi there lovely ladies. Firstly i wanted to say thanks so much to all my followers i cant tell you how excited i am to have reached 1000 followers this week. Yaaay. I thought it might be helpful to show you some of the Sleek lipsticks up close and personal as i know they are popular and choosing colours can be a bit tough.

I thought some close up swatches might be of interest:

 Heartbreaker (Matte )

Heartbreaker with clear gloss added


 Coral Reef

 Barely There

 Peaches and Cream

I hope this helps 1 or 2 of you if you haven't already decided which to choose. As you can see Heartbreaker and candycane are so similar but both gorgeous striking colours.
Have a great day girlies xx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Updated Skin Care Routine !

Me and my skin have a constant battle between each other. My skin given its own way would be spotty, greasy t zone with lots of blackheads and painful lumps at odd times to top it off. I am forever trying to find the perfect products to fight back and regain, healthy clear soft skin.

I am so lucky that i get sent some amazing products to review on my blog and what I'm using at the moment has really made a noticeable change so i am excited :)
I'm not going to go through everything i use as some is the same as before but i will tell you about the new products I'm using and why i love them so much.

Skin Science Bio Active Stimulating Serum £95.00

The serum claims to rehydrate and protect the skin whilst the gentle exfoliation action of the Zonase X helps prevent clogged pores, leaving skin luminous. The powerful antioxident spermine protects the skin from environmental damage. Delays Ageing by 20%

Now i have been using this serum every night instead of my usual moisturiser and when i say it's amazing i really mean it. Put aside the price and you have the perfect treatment for me.

I have only been using this for a few weeks but within days my skin was so much clearer, softer and even my fine lines look less noticeable.
It feels very light on the skin and when i wake up i have a lovely glow to my face. I cannot tell you how much better my skin looks from using this product.

My only qualm is the price. I simply cannot afford to buy this regularly but if i could i most certainly would.

Skin Science  Bio Active Eye Contour Complex £75

This specialised eye cream combines quicklift to give an instant lifting and de-puffing action. Other powerful ingredients including ultra potent Spermine which over time protect the delicate area and help diminish dark circles.
Up to 55% improvement in tensing effect after only 2 hrs

I have been using this every morning and it again is brilliant. I'd go as far as to say this is the best eye cream Ive ever tried.
The texture is really soothing and easily absorbed. My dark circles have lessened it seriously de-puffs my eyes and  my whole eye area looks slightly lifted and younger looking.
Again I've only used this for 2 weeks but the results speak for themselves.

These two products are available exclusively from Harvey Nichols and i feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to try them.

 First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30 £28

 This cream is targeted as a multi action anti aging cream with an added bonus of an SPF30. Suitable for all skin types . Infused with technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to help correct uneven skin tone.
Contains Homeostatine, an active complex of two natural botanical ingredients to prevent wrinkles, Licorice root , feverfew and white tea which are powerful antioxidants.

I was a little worried at first as i find some products with spf in really break me out but this one definitely does not. This leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth and the best bit is i know im protected all day from further damage to my skin.

I've been wearing this everyday and it also makes a great base for makeup as it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth.
Available from Boots the chemist along with a full range of other skincare goodies.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser £31.00

This is a gentle exfoliator which smooths away dullness and impurities. Contains Salicylic, lactic and Glycolic acids to encourage clarity and brightness by dissolving dead skin cells.

I've been using this for a few months now about 3 times a week and i love it. Its so gentle on my skin yet it instantly makes it look brighter and feel so soft. I massage it into damp skin for about 2 minutes and rinse off then follow with moisturiser.
I know that by removing the dead skin cells any other product i apply has got a much better chance of being absorbed properly and it leaves my skin feeling extra clean and fresh.

Foundation free with just a touch of bronzer :)

This week i have felt confident enough to go without foundation for a few days as my skin is the looking the best it has in a seriously long time. For 2 weeks i have had no outbreaks at all, no hard underlying lumps in my skin and a healthy natural glow that i have been searching for. xx

Gosh Eyeshadow Duo !

Hi there, ladies just a quick post about GOSH eyeshadow duo that i was sent when i won a competition on their facebook page. This is priced at £7.99 and on 342 at Superdrug at the moment. I think the colours in this duo are really pretty but they are not as pigmented as the single GOSH shadow that i tried and so i was a little disappointed.

 I'm pleased with the end result but i did have to use a base and pack the shadows on to get enough colour on my eyes.

I'm pleased with how it turned out in the end but i can't say id recommend this product. Although I'm wondering if it's just this shade or if the others are the same.Have you tried these shadow duos and if so how did you find them ??

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation! (Rave Review )

Hi there ladies, i thought I'd do a quick review on the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation which i have in the shade Honey. I knew i had to get my hands on this after reading a rave review over at Jo from Beautylicious love  and it has turned out to be Amazing.

Clarins Skin illusion foundation SPF 10 RRP £24

 I'm not going to give you all the bumf about what Clarins say about this foundation but cut to the chase and tell you how i found it.

Gorgeous with a capital G. This foundation is just beautiful, it applies so easily, blends effortlessly, looks natural but covers any imperfections, it leaves a lovely glowy healthy look to my skin. It doesn't settle in the lines, it doesn't look mask like, it feel super light on the skin it really is fabulous.

My only little problem is that after about 8 hrs it starts to look a bit too shiny. That is more than likely because i have an oily t zone. I just pop a bit of powder on and the problems sorted.
 It does however make me feel that if you have an oily skin then maybe this wouldn't be right for you. but anybody that likes a glow, anybody with a few lines or slightly dry skin would love this.

Me happily wearing Clarins Skin Illusion foundation shade Honey

I paired the foundation with a touch of sleek blusher in pan tao and Nars highlighter in orgasm

I Love this combo on my cheeks

I find that at 36 its harder to find the right foundation. If you read my collection post you will see I've tried quite a few. This is up there in my top 5. I apply this with my flat sigma brush and it looks flawless. I've also applied it with my fingers and it still looks just as nice. The SPF 10 is a nice added bonus and it smells gorgeous too.
If you are searching for the perfect foundation then this is one you need to check out.

Yes To Hair products !

Today's post is a review on a shampoo & Conditioner from the Yes To Cucumber Range.

I have been trying out a few of the Yes to products but this is the first product that is Yes to Cucumbers so i was interested to see how a shampoo /conditioner like this would smell. It does smell of cucumbers, but in a really fresh and invigorating way. The smell is so hard to describe. If i could give an award for the freshest smelling shampoo it would have to go to these.

Yes to Cucumbers Shampoo/Conditioner £8.99 500ml Each

The Yes to Cucumbers shampoo is created for colour treated hair. Packed full of ingredients like Centaurea Extract ( a botanical extract ) to help protect hair from light and lock in colour.
Organic Cucumbers for nourishment and Aloe Vera the Magical plant that refreshes, hydrates and gives hair amazing shine.

 Yes to Cucumbers conditioner is again aimed at colour treated hair with Organic Cucumbers. Centaurea Extract and Green Tea for protection and shine

Did they Work for me:

All in all i really love the way the two products worked on my hair. I was left with shiny glossy locks and i do think they helped keep my colour looking bright which is hard work when you have coloured red hair.

The smell is a bit unusual i can't decide if i like it or not. It's really really fresh smelling and totally different to any other shampoo I've tried. Saying that the smell doesn't linger on the hair once its dry so its not really an issue for me.

My hair feels so clean after using these and i can get away with an extra day before washing my hair as it seems to get less oily for some reason at the roots.
The conditioner is light but it still has plenty of slip and detangles my hair well and makes it feel really soft.

The bottles are huge and seem to last for ages so good if you are on a budget but still want to use great products with natural and organic ingredients.

I'd love to know if anyone else has tried these before and if so what did you think?