Monday, 9 May 2011

SkinCare Samples !

What's your take on skincare samples?
I was recently sent a package of samples from the lovely people over at Amarya who specialise in natural and organic Beauty Products.

Sample Stash

They sell a whole range of exciting brands, some are new to me and some I've been wanting to try for a while.

John Masters

 Dr Hauschka



They also stock Neils Yard, Neom and Trilogy plus many more which i am yet to explore. 
I know some of these brands are a little hard to come by so to have them all in one place is perfect for the beauty enthusiast who loves to use natural products.

As for samples, what do you think of them? I know some people love them and some people don't see the point as its really hard to judge if a product will work for you from just a few applications.

Have you used any of these ranges and do you find natural products work better on your skin?


  1. I think samples are a good idea and I certainly don't turn them down if offered. The thing is though if it's a skincare sample you never get enough to show any real benefits, so I don't know how that works for encouraging consumers to buy the full size product. From your ranges shown I have used the Madara skin tint, love it and the Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream, which was also very nice.

    Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. I love samples, these look great. I always like to try out new products so im definitely checking out their website ^^

    Xoxo Christine

  3. I like samples, I think that it's not necessary about if the product will work, but if you like the smell, the texture etc...
    I would love to try Dr Haushka. Enjoy your samples! x

  4. Must admit I'm a bigger fan of make up samples than skincare, unless they are a reasonable size. I guess for something like cleanser a sample is enough to let you know if you like it, but a moisturiser or serum - perhaps not. It should however be enough to reassure you that it does not react badly with your skin and hopefully avoid some expensive mistakes!

    Enjoy your new samples. x

  5. I hate sachet samples, as I don't feel you can get enough use of a product to work out how good it is, however I love mini samples.


  6. I've shopped at Amarya before. I like how they offer free delivery and a 28 days returns policy.

    I agree with Jude. You rarely get enough especially in those fiddly sachets. I had some Dr Hauschka ones and they always have a generous amount in them. I guess it depends on the product too. Some give immediate effects, others don't.

    For me, natural products work just as well as synthetic. The most important aspect for me is that I am not slathering toxins all over my skin, some of which will end up in our waters. I only review natural products on my blog so feel free to have a look.

    I hope you enjoy using them :)

  7. I don't think I've tried any of those brands, but those samples look lovely. :)

  8. Thanks for all your comments. Its interesting to see what everyone's opinion is.
    Personally i would never turn down a sample and i much prefer a decent tube rather than a flimsy packet which holds such a tiny amount.
    If i use something and love it chances are i will buy it.
    Particularly love make up samples especially foundation, i wouldnt buy a foundation without trying a sample first xx

  9. A sachet sample for me is pointless.. I open it, cleanse my face (for example) and then I can't close it again..?

    Or I get bottles, small ones, but truly there's not enough product for you to see long term if it will have a good effect.

    So for me if it's make up -yes great.

    But a cleanser or something- I'd love to try it, but I need bigger bottles haha!!

  10. I have hundreds of samples and find that they really help me decide if I like something x

  11. I do like skincare samples, they give me an idea of texture and scent even if there isn't enough for me to know if it's effective in the long run. If I don't like the texture and scent I'm unlikely to use something anyway.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx