Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Golly Gosh !

Gosh cosmetics have been around for quite some time but i think its only recently that a lot of people have sat up and taken notice of the fabulous products Gosh have to offer.

I love the fact that the prices are reasonable and the quality is really great. Also they seem to have quite a funky mix of trendy colours and i always look forward to seeing what new products they are launching next.
I thought I'd show you two of the products that i really love.

 Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner ( Metallic Brass ) £4.75

These eyeliners are just amazing. If you have not tried them then go grab one quick. They are buttery soft and glide onto the eyes, the colours are rich and vivid. They don't smudge, they last all day, they are even waterproof.  If that isn't enough then the price £4.75 :) Enough said.

The metallic Brass is such a beautiful shade. A very dark brown with a tiny gold fleck running through it. Such a pretty colour.

This next product was sent to me after winning a giveaway on the Gosh Facebook page and to be honest it's not a colour i would automatically go for but i tried it and love it.

 Gosh Eyeshadow Coral £4.99

The eyeshadow shade is a peachy / coral colour and the texture is really lovely and smooth. This eyeshadow has a sprinkling of shimmer but its really soft and not at all obvious unless you really look closely.
Not at all powdery and gives good colour payoff. Blending was really easy and the shadow lasts well on the eyes. A great price and perfect for a fresh open eyed look

I've added a close up photo of me wearing the two products so you can see what they look like together on the eye.
Pretty natural but still a bit different to the usual brown neutral look. What do you think?


  1. You are so right about GOSH only recently feeling the love, I had completely overlooked them in the past. The Coral with the Metallic brass is a fantastic look on you, really lovely. x

  2. OMG I need that eyeshadow, it's such a lovely coral without being too orange.

  3. LOVE GOSH.. They have come in to their own by finally looking after their displays in Superdrug!!!

  4. The eyeshadow looks so nice. I love the GOSH stand in our Superdrug - so bright and colourful! x

  5. Love both of those and they look beautiful on you. x

  6. LOVE the velvet touch waterproof liners! THEY'RE SO FREAKING AMAZING! Of course a store near me had them on sale for £2.25 per pencil last week.. the week I had no money to get them >_<" DARNIT!

  7. love gosh love this look on you! xx

  8. Looks lovely, although I always fear that if I wore coral on my eyes, I'd just look like I had conjunctivitis lol!

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Claire i know exactly what you mean, ive often avoided these types of colours for that same reason so was plesantly surprised xx

  10. I was eyeing these pencils up on Saturday in Superdug, they're super soft and they have loads of colours. Pretty eyes xx

  11. That's a beautiful look. I'm a big fan of their eyeliners. They're so easy to use x

  12. I love Gosh produts they r great&so affordable

    Love the EOTD=PRETTY!!!

  13. Great prices. Tempted by the eyeliner.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx