Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Glamoriser The Most Versatile Hair Styler Yet!

I have found my ultimate hair styling tool to date in the Glamouriser. I've never seen anything like it before and after a few months of using it i am still finding different ways to use it and style my hair.
It straightens, curls, flicks, adds volume. All with the one tool. Brilliant or what?

At first glimpse it looks like a conical wand. Indeed you can use it like one if you wish.

It also opens out so it can be used as a straightener. Or you can clamp the hair into it at the roots and pull up to create volume at the roots or clamp the ends of the hair and close the tool and use as traditional tongs.

The straightener has one edge slightly wider than the other too so you can create flicks without getting that ugly ridge which i sometimes get with straighteners.

I will stress that this is a professional styling tool and it does take a bit of practise to master but once you can use it you wont look back.
I've never come across a styling tool that has all these features:

·         Unique digital display system – stays hidden then appears once the appliance is turned on
·         Variable temperature from 160-230 ºC with a special low setting of 110 ºC
·         Last temperature used memory – doesn’t have to be reset every time you use it
·         Can be used for straightening – thinnest edge can be used for straightening shorter hair
·         One edge is cornered for creating tight curls at the root
·         The other edge is rounded for creating looser curls and root lift
·         Cool tip
·         Titanium
·         Same temp on the outside at well as on the inside
·         Can be used in three different ways
o   Straighten
o   Straighten then curl – like a tong
o   Use closed – like a wand
·         Deep magenta/purple colour and black

 It also comes with a 3 finger glove which took a bit of getting use to but i got there after a few tries.

Some of the styles I've been wearing using the glamouriser:

It is pretty amazing. I am a novice when it comes to hair styling and although i did have the odd finger burn as it takes a while to get to grips with the finger glove overall i found it easy to use, So so quick and the fact that i can straighten, curl, add volume all with the one multi use tool makes it brilliant for space saving and money saving because once you have this you don't really need anything else :)

I have has lots of questions about how i style my hair lately, how i get such defined curls and volume as my hair is really fine naturally. I'm one happy bunny :)

Available from Sallys or Good Hair Salons RRP £79.99


  1. jeez, your hair is gorgeous! I love love love the colour

  2. What a versatile styling tool, loving the up-do you created xx

  3. Wow, that thing looks amazing! I like your hair up and the bandana thing round your head, it looks so cute x

  4. I like things that are versatile. Wow, I could get rid of lots of other tools this one could replace. Nice hair styles on you!!!

  5. Thanks ladies its fab isn't it and quite a reasonable price considering what it does xx

  6. Sounds exactly like something I need!

  7. This looks so good, each style has worked so well on you!

  8. That looks amazing! I use a combo of GHD's and a conical wand everyday. It is so faffy and I end up with wires going everywhere.

    Might add to my xmas list :)


  9. I love your waves, very soft and pretty.

  10. 1st of all, i LOVE your hair! 2nd, this looks amazing!! x x x

  11. I like the look of this, I have so many tools for my hair that just take up too much room. This would save me so much space

  12. Wow, this looks really good! It did a great job straightening and curling your hair!

  13. Love the product, don't love the price ! x

  14. Never seen something like that, really interesting! You have gorgeous hair (:


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