Monday, 2 May 2011

Diva Ultima 5000 Pro !

Hello lovelies, I wanted to do a little post about my new hairdryer which i have been road testing for quite a while now.
I have to say that me and my hair have had quite a journey this last year. I have never been one to bother much with my hair. Simply because it is really fine and Ive never really been good with styling so Ive just kept it long and tied it up a lot.
But thanks to a good cut and colour, amazing styling tools and brilliant products i have started to like my hair  and am enjoying finding different ways to make the best out of what i have.

Hair just blow dried with the Diva 5000 Pro Hairdryer

I had my old hairdryer for quite a long time and to be honest wouldn't of thought about buying a new one as i didn't really think one varied much from another.

Available in Hot Pink £79.99 
Now price wise this is not cheap but taking into consideration the fact the hairdryer is a Professional appliance and the fact that it dries my hair twice as fast as my previous dryer means it is worth every penny in my opinion.

The one thing i noticed when i used this for the first time was how powerful it was. You have 4 heat settings and 2 speed settings.
Can i just add the cool setting on this actually works brilliantly which is a first in my experience and invaluable when trying to cool the hair after applying rollers etc.

2000 watts means it dries my hair quickly and so no aching arms and great when im in a rush which is pretty much all the time.
It has a really long cord and two different nozzle attachments. To be honest i have only used the larger of the two nozzles as it works perfectly for me but nice to have the option if you want it.

I find it really easy to blow dry my hair with this and i don't even need to straighten it afterwards as it leaves my hair sleek and shiny and full of volume.
I didn't realise a hairdryer could make such a difference but clearly i still have a lot to learn.

You can buy the Diva Ultima 5000 from professional salons or from

I have a whole heap of other hair related posts coming up including a brilliant multi function styling tool and products that i now can't be without. xx


  1. Your hair looks fantastic! Couldn't agree more re hair dryers, they really do make a difference, mine dries really quickly, but without using masses of heat, so I can style my unruly hair without my arm dropping off or my hair catching fire!

  2. Your hair looks lush as always! :)

    I couldn't agree more with this - you get what you pay for with your hair dryers, I have a DIVA one at the Boy's and it really is fantastic! Get the best blow dries out of it!

    I have an ETI one at home which is another great make :) Can't go wrong with the professional dryers!


  3. awesome review! before i got my new one, which i found at my boyfriends flat, I didn't think there was any point in getting another one but in comparison my old revlon (still going strong after 6 years!) took ages to dry my hair! x

  4. I have this hairdryer too and i absolutely love it! So easy to dry my hair straight and quickly.

    Yours is looking lovely as ever :) xx

  5. Sounds great, I need to get one!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx