Thursday, 19 May 2011


SashaJuan is still a fairly new haircare product range in the UK. Launched here after making a fabulous name for themselves in Sweden. I am lucky enough to have been using these products for the past few months and really road tested them with my fine, coloured hair.

I would guess the products are aimed at the higher end of the market as the price reflects. A key ingredient im the range is Ocean Silk Technology which contains a nourishing blend of algae extracts which claim to provide a silky feeling to the hair and assist in restoring lost moisture, shine, body and bounce .

Overnight Hair Repair Treatment

The bottle itself is solid heavy glass which looks looks sleek & comes packaged  in a gorgeous box. I leave mine in the bathroom so its at hand last thing at night before i go to bed.

The overnight hair repair is a gel product based on pure water. It is designed to build elasticity and strengthen the hair as well as give it amazing shine.

What did i think?
I love everything about this leave in hair repair. I've been using it about 3 times a week. The texture is quite thin and ive needed to use about 5/6 pumps each time.
The next day my hair feels lovely and soft and you can choose to wash it out or leave in the hair.
You would think leaving it in the hair would make it greasy but i had no problems at all in fact it just seemed to make it shinier.

Root Lift £18.00

Root lift is a spray in product that creates volume and stability at the roots. Designed to give roots a boost and add lift.

What did i think?
I was really looking forward to trying this product as anything that promises to give me some much needed volume is great for me.

You spray this right at the roots of the hair before blow drying and it does really work well. Even my husband commented the first time i used it. His exact words were " your hairs getting really thick "

Now my hair will never be thick but this does give the illusion of thicker fuller hair because of the root lift and it has no sticky or hard feeling to it either which is a first for root products that I've tried.
you do have to play around and see how much you need for your hair type but i can really recommend this.
I wouldn't use it everyday as its too pricey and i would get through it fast but for going out i really like it.

SachaJuan are launching in Liberty Of London on the 3rd June.

My hair is in really good condition at the moment and i have a lot more hair care posts coming up.
Have you heard of this brand before and do you have any products you swear by?

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  1. I really like the Kirkland Moisture Shampoo, but I don't think you can get it in the UK!


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