Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beauty Lab Tanning lotion !

Another tanning review for you lovely ladies. This time its a range from Beautylab which i had not heard of until quite recently.

 I'm always keen to try a new fake tan, products vary so much with the depth of colour, ease of application etc and there are so many different formulas that sometimes its like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Pre Tan Skin Polish £15.00 Peptide Tanning lotion £17.00

The skin polish is nice and does a decent job at exfoliating my skin. It smells nice and fresh and leaves my skin soft and ready for the 2nd step of tanning.

The tanning lotion itself is a non coloured cream. The website states :

A deeply hydrating tanning lotion formulated with a tan inducing peptide to provide a golden sun-kissed and streak-free tan. Blended with rainforest cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and passion flower, it has a hint of guava and melon for a delicious aroma. Loved by all skins.

Benefits: Natural looking tan, builds up gradually and effectively, streak-free & orange-free, moisturising & skin firming, gorgeous smell.

What did i find?
Moisturising formula
Spreads easily ( a little goes a long way )
Didn't stain the bedding or clothes
Beautiful colour no orange tones
Non Streaky
Dries very fast
Lasts well and fades evenly

No colour guide so if you are new to fake tanning you might miss a bit
It does have a slight fake tan smell ( not awful but you can detect it )

As you can see the pro's far out way the cons. I would buy this again :)

As you can see this tan has came out a beautiful deep colour. Baring in mind i applied it and then a second application about 5 days later so it is slightly darker than the first application.

Beauty lab also sell a tinted formula so if you are new to tanning this might be a bit of a better choice for you.
Available directly from Beauty Lab here


  1. Lovely colour, it has given you a nice healthy glow :-) x

  2. nice review~ I personally like to do whitening instead~ haha~ but u looke lovely with the tan glow <3

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  3. nice review hun!And sure it looks like it gave you a very pretty summery colour!!Thanks for sharing!!


  4. this looks really good, but i'd be scared with no colour guide even though i fake tan all the time!!

  5. I love this, the colour looks so nice and natural. The only thing that worries me about trying it is the lack of colour guide and smell. How does it compare with xen tan? Because that was one I was considering trying

  6. Thanks for all your comments girls, i was a bit concerned about the colour guide too but it came out really well so i think as long as you apply it in order so you dont miss anywear its fine.

    Carrie the smell is not strong at all but you can detect a fake tan but in all honesty even the xen tan has a slight smell to my sensitive nose after a few hrs.

    Its really hard to compare this with xen tan as its just personal prefrence. I would be very to use either xx

  7. This sounds great - you look a lovely colour!
    Brill review thanks xx

  8. You look good and the tan looks really good. I don't know anything about tanning products because I'm already dark, but this product sounds really good.

  9. ah heartbreaker does look really nice on you! xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx