Friday, 20 May 2011

Latest GOSH Lipgloss Swatches !

Hi there you lovely lot, i am really excited about todays post. When i think about my makeup collection i would say that i probably have more lipglosses than any other product.
I think my love of gloss come from hoping that the shine will make my lips appear fuller and the fact that there are just so many pretty looking ones that i'm constantly tempted.

These next 3 lipglosses from GOSH were kindly sent to me for review purposes:

GOSH Lipgloss 004 & 0084

For those of you who don't know the Gosh products can be purchased in most Superdrugs or online at Gosh Cosmetics 
Priced at £9.99 each they are not the cheapest of products but the colour payoff is really good which makes a nice change for a gloss. They also last pretty well on the lips and seem to be great quality.

As you can see from the swatches 004 is an almost clear gloss with just a milky hint which makes it perfect to use over nude lipsticks to give a neutral glossy finish.

But no 0084 is really pigmented a stunning peachy coral which is my favourite out of these 2 glosses. I don't think i would of picked this up myself as i was expecting it to be sheer but its not.
Perfect for summer with a bit of a tan. LOVE IT :)


So now for the last lipgloss. It may be last but it's certainly way in front when it comes to the perfect packaging and ideal for a girls night out or ladies on the go.

GOSH Light'N Shine Lip Glaze 301

Firstly how genious is it that they have designed the packaging to have a little mirror on the side and the lid has a tiny button which will light up the wand so you can apply your lippy anywhere, even in the dark.
My thoughts on this? Why the hell did nobody think of this before? 10/10 for the packaging.

Then to top it off the lipgloss is a perfect formula too. Slides on smoothly great creamy colour. Its almost like a lipstick and gloss in one. It's non sticky it lasts well and the shade i tried was flipping Gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of Mac Creme Cup. Take a look!

There are 7 other shades available and i will without a doubt be trying a few more. This one is coming out with me on my next night out. Priced at £7.99 i think its great value as well.
Even better Superdrug have 342 on GOSH at the moment.
Have you tried any of these lipglosses before? Which do you like the best out of these 3?


  1. I love Gosh's lip products and the ones you have look great :)


  2. the last one is my absolute go to gloss, i adore it completely- that coral one has now caught my eye :)


  3. The coral one looks lovely, going to have to try some out xx

  4. The peach one looks so pretty!

  5. Love the last one and how fab is the clever packaging. Jude xx @jadlgw

  6. Wow that little light & mirror are completely genius! I love the colour of the last one and the coral too - both gorgeous on you. Will def try these. x

  7. i love the light n shine gloss :) it's very pretty on you!


  8. 004 looks like the perfect nude-y lip gloss! :)

  9. These look so beautiful!
    They're really pretty colours, definately thinking about trying them out xx

  10. the peachy coral shade is GORGEOUS! ahh, how I wish we had GOSH in the states!

  11. I looked at all the shades today & chose shade 82, which is a brighter, less peachy shade of coral than 84, and it matches my shoes, ha!

    Also got a primer, and cream blush on the 342.

  12. Me too, I have a lot of lip products more than anything else in my collection haha.

    These lip glosses are really nice. They are so pretty on it's own! I wouldn't mind paying more for a good lip gloss.

  13. Those are lovely colours :)

  14. The peachy coral is right up my alley! Very pretty :)

  15. Just the fact the gosh light and shine has a mirror on the side. Has sold this baby to me. Such a handy idea.Particularly if like me don't always have a mirror handy when i'm out and about. I just need to find a suitable colour. Thanks for informing!!

    All the colours you selected look purfect on you!!

    check out my blog here @ hothappenings


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx