Monday, 28 February 2011

Teeth Whitening Mint Trays !

I am really excited about this post. I know a few of you know how much i hate the colour of my teeth. I have tried quite a few ways to try and lighten them as they are or should i say were very very yellow.
I was lucky enough to review the mint whitening trays from white and beyond and i am thrilled with the results so far.

So before i go any further lets cut to the chase. Like they say a picture tells a thousand words.

I am on day 7 now and the whitening has slowed down a bit but my teeth are still getting brighter and i will update in a weeks time when i have completed the kit.

The kit costs £59.99 from the white and beyond website

 The Kit contains:
  • 2 x Mouldable mouth guards
  • 4 x 3cc Mint flavoured 12% HP whitening gel dispensers (48 applications)
  • Full instruction manual
  • 1 x Mint container for mouth moulds
  • 1 x Applicator tips
  • 1 x Spare mouth guards

Now i am not a dentist and i cannot advise you on these types of products but what i can tell you is: It worked for me :)
I have tried many other products and to be honest i was starting to give up on a whiter smile.

Positives so far :
  1. It Works and Fast in my case.
  2. Easy to use
  3. Reasonable price
  4. Convenient
Negatives :
  1. Teeth are slightly sensitive ( although a lot less so than with some others Ive tried )
  2. Can't drink coffee, red wine etc )
The negatives are the same in all teeth whitening procedures that i am aware of . So not really a negative but just so you are aware if you didn't already know.

Like i say i am thrilled with the results so far. My friends have all noticed the change and i feel so much more confident already.
Would you consider this treatment and what do you think of the results so far?

Sunday, 27 February 2011

John Frieda Precision Foam

Hello! Just a quick post to let you know how i got on with colouring my hair this week. I know i have mentioned it a few times to some of you on twitter that i fancied a bit of a change for a while now.
So after looking at a lot of different colours on the market i decided to go for the new John Freda precision Foam In Deep Cherry Brown.

Now my hair has quite a lot of dark brown permanent colour in it already so i was going to strip the colour out first to make it brighter but to be honest i couldn't be bothered so i thought i would just give it a go and hope that a little bit of red would manage to take to my hair.

I haven't included photos of preparation etc as to be honest the leaflet is simple to understand. All i will say is the foam makes it so much easier to apply. There were no drips at all and it smells lovely. Simple and easy to do yourself which is a triumph in itself.

The Results: In bright lights it looks red in dim lighting it looks dark brown. All in all though considering my hair condition before using this product i am really happy with the results.

My hair looks so much shinier and feels lovely. Although i thought the change was subtle nearly everyone has noticed and commented on how good it looks :)
I really rate this as probably the best home colouring that i have tried so far and at £9.99 (but on offer in boots for just £7.99) then i think its a bargain.
Do you girls home colour or do you like to leave it to a salon???
PS it covers grey/white hairs like a dream. Not that i have any ( cough cough )

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello my lovelies, i thought i would share with you my OOTD ( well yesterdays really ) as i've not done one for a while.
I'm looking forward to better weather so i can bring out the vest tops and flip flops.

So i was going shopping and needed to be comfy but I'm fed up of wearing slouchy jumpers and jeans

I wore my knee length boots from Next, Grey leggings from primarni, long line top from Next and cardi from New Look.

 Hair and makeup was quick and easy


Nails i used a champagne colour from artdeco as a base with Barry M nail effects

Can you believe its the first time Ive used the barry m nail effects polish? Ive had it forever but not used it. I had loads of compliments on my nails and loved the results. I know I'm way behind lol.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend xx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Take me to the candy shop !

Afternoon my lovelies, as its the school holidays this week i have been trying to do a few things with the kids and yesterday we popped into town and visited the most amazing Sweet shop.

It sells an amazing array of old fashioned sweets such as sherbet, pear drops, sugar mice right up to hand made chocolates and everything else in between. I tell the kids its a treat for them but to be honest i love it just as much.

Candy Canes

 Giant Marshmallows



 Hand Made Chocolate

Sugar Mice

It always feels like Ive stepped into Willy Wonkas Factory in this shop. I treated myself to a  little sugar mouse as it reminded me of being little. I've not seen these for years.
 The kids also got lots of sweets but they were eaten before i could get my camera out lol.

Did you have sugar mice or am i the only one?

Liz Earle Clear Skin Offer !

As you lovely lot know i am a huge liz earle fan. So i  just wanted to let you know about a fabulous offer that's on at the moment.

Ideal for anyone who suffers with breakouts ( Meeee ) or indeed to give your skin a good deep cleanse & boost after the long winter days.

The new skin clear kit includes:

Deep Cleansing Mask 75ml + 2 Sponges

 Gentle Face Exfoliator 50ml ( See my review here )

Spot on 6ml roller ball

soft White head band.

Price £20.65

The value of this kit is £33.15 so that's a great saving. All my favourites in 1 little kit.
Available from Liz Earle
Have you tried any of these products before?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

How much is your face worth? Tagged !

I was recently tagged by the lovely Laura
It's surprising how much the products we use everyday cost when added up.

So for this tag you write all the products you use on your face daily.
Your normal everyday makeup .

As my makeup varies so much everyday i just decided to use the makeup i wore today

Liz Earle Moisturiser light = £17.60
Xen Tan Face Tanner Luxe =  £19.99
Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation = £20.00
Laura Mercier Secret Camaflouge Concealer = £26
MAC Skinfinish powder = £18.50
ELF Bronzer = £3.50
MAC Cream Colour Base Shell = £13.50
MAC Blushcreme  = £17.00
Prestige eyeshadow Coffee Bean ( brows ) = £4.49
Primer Potion = £12.00
Gosh Eyeshadow Grey/Brun = £4.99
Benefit Eye Bright Pencil = £14.00
Benefit BadGal Mascara = £16.50
Urban Decay 24/7 liner zero = £11.50
MAC Lipstick Cremecup = £13.50
NYX lipgloss Megashine Natural = £5.95

GRAND TOTAL = £219.02

To be honest I'm a bit shocked as i like to think that i have a nice balance of both cheap and chearful products as well as my more pricey items.

It makes you wonder how much it would add up too if you counted up all your makeup Eeek. Anyway i tag anyone who wants to do this as it's quite a fun thing to try. xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

BARGAIN Stila Eyeshadows Quick Quick

I have just been informed of this amazing bargain when i was checking out the fabulous xdiamondsandpearlsx blog I was amazed to read that M&M direct have a load of stila eyeshadows at just 99p each. I have a few of these and they are flippin brilliant. I have just ordered 10 different shades and with postage it cost me Just £13.79.

The topaz pencil is also 99p which i blogged about here
and you can check out xdiamondsandpearlsx blog post which shows her gorgeous little haul. While i really wasn't going to be spending anything on cosmetics for the rest of this month i couldn't pass up an offer like this.
I find the eyeshadows buttery soft and so easy to blend. I cant wait for these to arrive.

This is the bargain of the month for sure buy them quick before they sell out here

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No1

It's quite rare that i review perfumes. But i was asked if i would like to review the Liz Earle Botanical Essence and i was intrigued. I am a big fan of Liz earle products ( as most of you will know ) so thought i would give it a try.

The first thing that struck me was the gorgeous packaging and the beautiful bottle. I usually throw the packaging away but the little pull out drawer is such a nice touch that i am keeping it in its box.

As for the fragrance itself: I always find it difficult to review a fragrance after all what i personally like is not necessarily going to be similar to your tastes?

Here's what Liz Earle says about this fragrance:

For our first ever fragrance we’ve used the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world and the expert skills of a distinguished perfumer from Grasse, France. We gave him the time to indulge in the age-old art of perfumery, skilfully hand-crafting this complex scent with true passion to create this vibrant, sparkling fragrance translating into warmth and sensuality. This sensuous fragrance can be worn every day.
Over 98% directly derived from natural ingredients.

The fragrance has a really uplifting refreshing and calming feel to it. I would describe  it as a very unique and unusual perfume. Its very different to anything i have used before. Having said that i am finding myself reaching for it most days as i really like it for an everyday spritz.

I have heard a few people say that its a really strong perfume which i initially agreed with after the first few sprays but once it has dried down i find it a lot more subtle.

This would make an ideal present for someone and is available from Liz earle stores or direct from the website

Have you tried this fragrance before?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Good morning my beauties. I know a few of you have been wanting me to show you my latest little order of wax tarts from the lovely Annies candles and melts
I have been ordering my wax tarts from this wonderful on line seller for about a year now and although i do use other peoples at times i cant help but keep going back to Annie.

This lady is incredible. She makes all these tarts herself and comes up with the most wonderful long lasting fragrances with unique detailing and always at a more than competitive price.
Her customer service is amazing and she always adds lots of freebies for you to try. What more can i say ??? If you love Yankee tarts but don't like the price tag then you seriously need to check this out.

The fragrance hits you as you unwrap the box. Everything is carefully wrapped. Its like a big lucky dip digging in to find your goodies.

 Black Raspberry and Vanilla: Sweet & creamy

Sweet orange and chilli ( i first tried this when annie added one to a previous order and its gorgeous. Fresh, fruity with a little sweet warmth added ) its a definite favourite.

Pink Sugar just like my favourite everyday perfume. There are so many to choose from that i couldn't help but buy a few to last me a while. Are you noticing a theme here with the sweetness?

These cinnamon & vanilla smoothie aroma chunk tarts are one of annies latest creations which i had to try.

As you can see these bad boys are Huge. Ideal for cutting a chunk off as needed. The fragrance choice in all these are so tempting ranging from almond cookie and maple fudge to frozen margarita and coconut

Annie was so generous in sending me all these other freebies :)

Rosemary & Mint
Beach Daisy
Hollister so cal men
Cottage & Breezes
DKNY Be Delicious
Cream Soda ( adding this one to my next order its lush )
Pink Watermelon

Twilight Edward

I am burning the Beach Daisy today and the house smells beautiful and fresh. I usually burn each tart a couple of times so they are amazing value for money. Prices start from a mere £2.20 and even the pack of the huge chunky melts is just £4.50. 

Do we have any other Tart fans out there???

Monday, 21 February 2011

MONU Eye Cool Gel Review !

Hello my lovelies, Today's post is a little overdue but i do like to really test out a skin care product before i write a review on it. That way i can be sure that a product works for me or does not.
Here is what Monu say about it's eye cool gel:

  • This refreshing gel instantly revives and tones tired eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles.
  • Arnica helps to reduce undereye puffiness.
  • Vitamin C and Zinc Gluconate aids the correction of sun damage.
  • Sodium hyaluronate provides long lasting hydration.
  • Ginseng and magnesium gently relax fine muscles to smooth and lift.
  • Wheat free
  • Paraben Free 

The gel itself comes in a handy pump dispenser tube and a little of this goes a long way. It is indeed very cooling and refreshing. I have had a really bad few weeks of being woken up every night and my youngest son has been poorly. 

Although i have woken up with heavy eyes and dark circles i  am finding that 10 minutes after applying this my eyes feel really revived and refreshed. 
I seem to have less puffiness around my eyes as well and the light texture seems to help my foundation smooth on under my eyes effortlessly. ( i apply this eye gel quite heavily and leave it for 5 minutes to absorb before applying my foundation ) 

If I'm honest i cant judge if the eye gel has helped with lines as i don't really have any around my eyes ( not noticeable one anyway ) but i like to think that prevention is way better than cure and the extra moisture boost this gives my eye area is bound to help prevent dehydration which can cause lines to look more pronounced.

If you don't like anything too heavy ( Like me ) and you suffer with puffiness and possibly lack of sleep then this eye cool gel is one that will tick all the boxes. Priced at £15.25 available from Monu  
For those of you have not heard of Monu before then check out the website.  
The products are a professional brand used in many beauty salons and spas. The ingredients are sourced to contain some of the purest, kindest natural ingredients. Take a look I'm sure you will be impressed.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Slouching Sunday!

I love Sundays, i am usually busy catching up with house work and boring things like that but every now and then on a Sunday i like to slouch. I sit around in my jim jams, watch TV, drink coffee ( although today I'm not as I'm in the process of bleaching my teeth ) watch the kids play, catch up on some of my favourite blogs and just chill.

Yesterday i baked some cakecups with Rocco and they turned out really yummy. So i promised the kids they can eat one after breakfast ( whats left of them anyway ) Then i think i might have a little sort through some cupboards. I enjoy a good declutter and find it strangely therapeutic. I play some tunes and dance around the kitchen while i do it :)

I am burning one of my new wax tarts in the kitchen ( review coming soon ) Cinnamon rolls and vanilla smoothie fragranced, mmmm it smells Divine.

So that's how i will be spending my Sunday morning/afternoon.
Sometimes its the usual boring days that seem the most happiest. xx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

What's in my Make Up Bag

This morning I've woke up to a blanket of white snow outside. It's freezing cold so I'm wrapping up warm and spending some time catching up with you lovely lot. I am shamefully pinching this idea from my  lovely friend over at Cheekybeauty

I change whats in this bag all the time so this is just some of the products that i use regularly and are easy to transport. I like to have a bag ready just in case i have to rush off somewhere. Not that that ever happens but a girl never knows?

My benefit makeup bag that my lovely friend brought me for Xmas

Its not jammed full of products at the moment but i tend to add bits until its overflowing and then have to have a sort out. :)

I also keep my little bottle of Just Me Paris Hilton in my bag for a little spritz. Its not my favourite but its nice for an everyday and if i keep it in my bag i use it up quickly which means i can move on to something else :)

Burt's Bees lip balm is an everyday product for me now to keep my lips hydrated and soft.

Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation. My favourite. Not the best for travelling as its glass but no other foundation compares at the moment.
Benefit pressed powder
Laura Mercier secret camouflage (dark circles)
YSL Touche Eclate ( Brightening )
Eucerin cover stick ( covers and treats spots ) See here

Benefit eyeshadow cube
Too Faced bronzer, blusher and highlighter trio review here
Tart blusher stick in dollface
Gosh eyeshadow Grey/Brown
2 Artdeco eyeshadow pencils in a violet and navy blue from the Beauty desire collection reviewed here

Benefit Bad gal Mascara in Blue ( its called blue but its a blue/black )
Benefit eyebrow pencil
Clinique eye pencil in frosty
Urban Decay 24/7 liner gunmetal & Zero
No7 liner in nude. ( wear this so much )

Mini Dior gloss in shade 151
Mini Diorshow mascara
I love the mini sizes of products they always look so much cuter than full size

Jemma Kidd gloss in candy
Lancome Juicy tube in seille ( nearly all gone )
MAC Lipglass in Easy Lounger
NYX gloss in Natural

Benefit lipstick in on the sly
MAC Sandy B lipstick
MAC Creme Cup lipstick
MAC Blankety Lipstick

I love these kinds of posts as i love to see what other people use regularly. Hope you are all having a great weekend xx