Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentines Gifts !

Valentines presents are something which is not a necessary in our house. To be honest sometimes we buy for each other at this time of year and sometimes we don't. I have had fun looking at some ideas that are out there though. These have been some of my favourites:

Lets start with a classic. A Traditional Wet shave Kit By the English Shaving Company.

 Saucy : A lickable massage candle in Juicy ripe melon
 ( ooooer ) see here

A funky twist to the bouquet of roses

They are gorgeous. But so they should be at £65- £80 see here

The cheesy but cute. Try this beach print to see how your names look written in sand. Here

Or a secret arrow where you write a love note and slip it in the secret compartment here

It just goes to show that if you are looking for something a little bit different rather than a box of chocs then it can be done. ( Men listen out )

Do you buy for valentines day and do you like traditional gifts or do you like something a little bit more unusual.
It's the thought that counts for me and i went shopping today with hubby and brought him a jumper and he brought me a Mac lippy and a few lush bits so tomorrow we will just exchange cards.
Whats your plans for Valentines day?


  1. I like different sorts of things, the sandy beach picture is nice. My OH has gotten me some lush things too, the raining men shower gel is amazing!

  2. ooh i got that today as well so glad its as nice as i had hoped x

  3. I don't actually do Valentines day even though I'm married, haha! But I NEED that lickable candle! xx

  4. Gosh, I've never seen roses like those before! Great post hun :) I'm cooking dinner at home tomorrow night, but we're going out tomorrow afternoon to do a bit of shopping. We don't go overboard on Valentine's Day - we just get things for each other year round.

    Catherine x

  5. I have a selfmade postcard for my man, but I don't know if he has something for me or not.
    That arrow looks so cute, i wouldn't mind getting something like that :-D

  6. The bouquet is beautiful. Hubby and I cook for each other instead of giving material gifts.


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx