Monday, 14 February 2011

Puckering up with Burt !

Valentines day is the perfect day to pucker up and of course we all want super soft lips whatever time of the year.
Now I'm not the biggest lip balm fan in the world but since i have found Burt's Bees i am wearing it more and more often.

I was sent both the original Beeswax Balm & the Mango version. I love the texture of these, they are really moisturising but without feeling heavy or sticky and the mango smells really Delicious.

I have been using these every night and sometimes in the day underneath my lippy to help my lipstick glide on smoothly.
I've only been using these a few weeks and my lips feel a lot more hydrated and the tiny bits of flakiness have disappeared Yaaay.
For some reason i expected these to be a bit pricey so i was amazed to find out they are just £3.69.
What a bargain for kissable lips. Check out Burts Bees for the rest of the range too.

Anyway as it's valentines day and we are talking about kisses i thought I'd leave you with a couple of personal snaps. Happy Days xx


  1. Awww lovely pictures. The lip balm sounds great,might pick one up when next in boots.
    Happy Valentines Day xx

  2. i really want to try this lip balm, looks great :)
    Is it available anywhere online?
    Im using the EOS lip balm at the moment and i love it :)

  3. Thanks girls, you can buy it direct from burts bees just click the link on the post hun x

  4. I love love love Burts Bees lipbalm in Champagne. Thanks for reminding me - need to get some asap ;)

  5. I love burts bees! The soothing cooling one is the best! I actually love the entire line of burts bees stuff! Their face washes, toners... the list goes on and on!

    I love your litte fam! So cute! And what a great post for Valentines Day!

  6. Cute pics :-)
    I really need a new lipbalm, so I think I'll check this one out. So far I was using Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour stick, but it's somewhat expensive (though great) & I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.
    Happy Valentine's Day :-)

  7. How cute loving pictures hun!!
    Thanks for the review and hope you have a fantastic time!You and your family are gorgeous!!

  8. Lovely photos - you were a stunning bride! xx

  9. the mango one must smell deliciously! :)

  10. Lovely pictures! thanks for sharing your private moments w your readers! x jeanie

  11. Love these gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing. Jan x

  12. I use the mango one, its my favourite lipbalm apart from Blistex Intense Moisture :-)

  13. Very cute pics!
    I'm on the look out for a new lipbalm, but can't seem to find Burt's Bees here in SA :(

  14. What lovely pictures.

    James stole my Burts Bees Acai Berry lip balm and it's nearly all gone. But he has the nicest smelling and kissable lips ever!

    A x

  15. This is cute!!

  16. awww ,, my heart melted <3 cute pics


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