Thursday, 24 February 2011

How much is your face worth? Tagged !

I was recently tagged by the lovely Laura
It's surprising how much the products we use everyday cost when added up.

So for this tag you write all the products you use on your face daily.
Your normal everyday makeup .

As my makeup varies so much everyday i just decided to use the makeup i wore today

Liz Earle Moisturiser light = £17.60
Xen Tan Face Tanner Luxe =  £19.99
Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation = £20.00
Laura Mercier Secret Camaflouge Concealer = £26
MAC Skinfinish powder = £18.50
ELF Bronzer = £3.50
MAC Cream Colour Base Shell = £13.50
MAC Blushcreme  = £17.00
Prestige eyeshadow Coffee Bean ( brows ) = £4.49
Primer Potion = £12.00
Gosh Eyeshadow Grey/Brun = £4.99
Benefit Eye Bright Pencil = £14.00
Benefit BadGal Mascara = £16.50
Urban Decay 24/7 liner zero = £11.50
MAC Lipstick Cremecup = £13.50
NYX lipgloss Megashine Natural = £5.95

GRAND TOTAL = £219.02

To be honest I'm a bit shocked as i like to think that i have a nice balance of both cheap and chearful products as well as my more pricey items.

It makes you wonder how much it would add up too if you counted up all your makeup Eeek. Anyway i tag anyone who wants to do this as it's quite a fun thing to try. xx


  1. Wow im gona try this! £200+ just for your face :O
    I never realised it wouldve been that much, but i guess it adds up...

  2. Ahh I love this tag! I'm definitely going to do this one! It's amazing how things add up so quickly xo

  3. What a fun tag! It really is amazing how much things add up! I actually made the mistake of adding up all of my collection... never again!
    I'll be doing this tag very soon!

    Andrée xx

  4. crazy how much it comes to! thanks for doing the tag :) x

  5. It's shocking how much our everyday products adds up to! When I travel I carry my makeup with me in my carry-on. It would be awful to lose my collection because with brushes it's got to be worth thousands. (though it took years to build up and I don't have nearly as much product as many others out there!)

  6. Oooh nice lump sum there! I must def do this. Quite an interesting tag!!

  7. lol you won't know how much it costs until you add them all up! its unbelievable how much it amounts to!

  8. Thanks for all your comments.
    I know ive read some that cost a lot more than mine ha.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what other peoples totals came to x

  9. Wow... it all mounts up doesn't it! Think I may do this too!


  10. WOW that's a lot and you still look really natural and gorgeous! I might do this - what a great idea :D

  11. You always look so polished and gorgeous - so jealous!

    I tried this the other night and was FAR too embarrassed to post up the actual cost lol x

  12. i dont even want to imagine the amount money I've spent on everything in my make-up case, lol ... and i'm going to The Makeup Show this weekend :-/

  13. aww thanks girls, its scary to think what we spend on products. Saying that i have had some of my stuff dor ages and i always look out for special offers and things. Ha can you see how im trying to kid myself here xx

  14. We spend almost the same!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx