Friday, 25 February 2011

Take me to the candy shop !

Afternoon my lovelies, as its the school holidays this week i have been trying to do a few things with the kids and yesterday we popped into town and visited the most amazing Sweet shop.

It sells an amazing array of old fashioned sweets such as sherbet, pear drops, sugar mice right up to hand made chocolates and everything else in between. I tell the kids its a treat for them but to be honest i love it just as much.

Candy Canes

 Giant Marshmallows



 Hand Made Chocolate

Sugar Mice

It always feels like Ive stepped into Willy Wonkas Factory in this shop. I treated myself to a  little sugar mouse as it reminded me of being little. I've not seen these for years.
 The kids also got lots of sweets but they were eaten before i could get my camera out lol.

Did you have sugar mice or am i the only one?


  1. So adorable! I used to love sugar mice :) Those giant marshmallows look like they'd be amazing on top of a hot chocolate!

  2. I LOVE old fashioned sweetie shops! They are literally my heaven. As a complete sugar addict I have much loved sugar mice in the past, I miss them! Can't find them anywhere where I live, not even in my local old fashioned sweet shop :( xx

  3. Sparkle and grey i have a confession. I brought a packet of the pink marshmallows and ate them to myself. They were gorgeous . Ooops bang goes the diet. Apparently marshmallows are fat free though??

    Emma i have such a sweet tooth too. This is the first time ive seen sugar mice anywhere as well. xx

  4. I LOVE these kinda nostalgic!

    I'm not sure if I ever had sugar mice...they look yummy though! I used to love chocolate ice cups and the fizzy vampire teeth! I just have sweet tooth in general!

    I bought the boy a collection of retro sweets from a shop called Dandy Candy online...simply brilliant!


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  6. I don't remember sugar mice!

    I remember oddly tasting white or pink chocolate ones though - they tasted like warm milk :( & cherry lips that tasted like soap!

  7. That is just my idea of heaven!!!! God... I'd spend a fortune in there!


  8. A Victorian style sweet shop opened this year locally. It's amazing inside, all old oak counters and shelves, big glass jars...My sister buys sugar mice for me whenever she sees them; I got some for Christmas!

  9. Oh i don't have anything like this near my home.Though i know a lovely website that sell old sweeties and sometimes treat the family.i love getting the hubba bubba chewing gum haha i'm such a kid. Anyway if you'd like to check it out heres the link:

  10. Oh I love the old fashioned kind of sweet shops!! I don't think I've ever had a sugar mouse :( My favs are strawberry bon bons :)

  11. ahhhh I love sugar mice! also dip dabs! There was an amazing chocolate bar Nestle used to sell in the mid 90's called secret. It was shreds of chocolate, kind of like shredded wheat, with a fluffy choc centre! :-) xx

  12. Seems like we are all sugar addicts lol. Thanks for commenting ladies xxx

  13. oh we went into one of these in derby - im always looking for retro sweets for cupcake toppings :)
    they are so much fun to browse in x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx