Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Good morning my beauties. I know a few of you have been wanting me to show you my latest little order of wax tarts from the lovely Annies candles and melts
I have been ordering my wax tarts from this wonderful on line seller for about a year now and although i do use other peoples at times i cant help but keep going back to Annie.

This lady is incredible. She makes all these tarts herself and comes up with the most wonderful long lasting fragrances with unique detailing and always at a more than competitive price.
Her customer service is amazing and she always adds lots of freebies for you to try. What more can i say ??? If you love Yankee tarts but don't like the price tag then you seriously need to check this out.

The fragrance hits you as you unwrap the box. Everything is carefully wrapped. Its like a big lucky dip digging in to find your goodies.

 Black Raspberry and Vanilla: Sweet & creamy

Sweet orange and chilli ( i first tried this when annie added one to a previous order and its gorgeous. Fresh, fruity with a little sweet warmth added ) its a definite favourite.

Pink Sugar just like my favourite everyday perfume. There are so many to choose from that i couldn't help but buy a few to last me a while. Are you noticing a theme here with the sweetness?

These cinnamon & vanilla smoothie aroma chunk tarts are one of annies latest creations which i had to try.

As you can see these bad boys are Huge. Ideal for cutting a chunk off as needed. The fragrance choice in all these are so tempting ranging from almond cookie and maple fudge to frozen margarita and coconut

Annie was so generous in sending me all these other freebies :)

Rosemary & Mint
Beach Daisy
Hollister so cal men
Cottage & Breezes
DKNY Be Delicious
Cream Soda ( adding this one to my next order its lush )
Pink Watermelon

Twilight Edward

I am burning the Beach Daisy today and the house smells beautiful and fresh. I usually burn each tart a couple of times so they are amazing value for money. Prices start from a mere £2.20 and even the pack of the huge chunky melts is just £4.50. 

Do we have any other Tart fans out there???


  1. These all look and sound GORGEOUS! I think I'll buy some for my mum...Will also have to buy a tart burner, though!

  2. Hi hun, you can get some nice plain burners from wilkinsons that are quite modern and only a few quid xx

  3. I love Yankee Tarts, I spend a fortune on them! These look gorgeous, will definitely be taking a look :)

  4. These all look gorgeous...just had a look on the website and couldn't resist placing an order! :)


  5. Thanks for recommending this site, I've just purchased 3 different scents & found a wax tart burner online :D Can't wait for them to arrive :) x

  6. ahh i love the sounds of these, i love scented candles so these sound amazing! definitely going to be heading over for a look. awesome review. xo

  7. This post is like heaven for me, I just love candles! They smell nice and they create such a beautiful, soft light :) x

  8. oooh cant wait to see what you other girls have ordered. Let me know when you post xx

  9. Might need to hit the order button - once my pay comes in that is! x

  10. I love candles (although had a mini drama with one last night!) I am definitely going to place an order with Annie. Some gorgeous sounding scents!! x

  11. I have tried a few of the Yankee wax tarts recently but I will have to try this seller too x

  12. I have never used these before but love scented candles but must try these they look really good. xx

  13. omggg so checking these out they look divine! also a twilight edward one?haha get me there :) xo

  14. totally just placed an order after reading this, received it this morning and am totally in love! ordered some baby powder, pink sugar and jelly bean tarts and got SO many samples. so pleased with this website :D totally converted from yankee candle tarts now!!

  15. Yaay so pleased you like them terri. The bab powder sound gorgeous xx

  16. Thank you everyone for shopping with me It is very much appreciated. Take care all.....Annie xx

  17. they're all gorgeous lol, i want them all!! xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx