Friday, 16 September 2011

The ultimate Vanilla Scrub by 100% Pure

Morning ladies and gents. I am not usually inclined to rave about body products but this one is seriously amazing.
I have always loved Vanilla, i love everything Vanilla to be honest from candles, shampoo, body creams and of course in cakes :)
But the more you use vanilla the fussier you get as there is a huge difference in the cheap overly sweet vanilla smells to the real creamy which i call proper Vanilla scents.

Now i was contacted by the company 100% Pure who make not only body and skincare products but also cosmetics which are all 100% pure ingredients. No synthetic chemicals, preservatives artificial fragrances etc. Even the makeup is made with fruit pigments.
They kindly sent me 2 makeup products and this Vanilla Bean Body Scrub.

This body scrub has THE most unbelievable smell to it, a really creamy sweet but very nautural scent. As soon as i opened this pot i knew i would love this product. I can honestly say it's the best vanilla scrub that i have ever used in terms of both fragrance, scrubability and after effects.

The scrub is packed full of all sorts of amazing skin friendly ingredients including:
Cocoa Seed Butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Acai Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Oil, Vanilla Extract, Hazelnut Seed Oil plus loads more.

The scrub itself has decent sized granuals so you can really exfoliate well but it has no scratchyness either so works perfectly. It rinses off leaving a very thin layer of the natural oils which after patting dry seemed to absorb into my skin.

The next day my skin feels amazingly soft and no need for moisturisers. I can't praise this scrub enough and would love to try other scrubs by this company as they have loads of other yummy sounding ones too including honey almond, blood orange and white peach.

The scrub is not cheap at £24 but now i have tried it i can say its worth every penny and i'm adding it up there on my list of perfect products.

You can take a look at the website here although dont blame me if you end up maxing out your credit card :)

Have you tried anything from this range and are you a Vanilla fan?


  1. I am a huuuuge vanilla fan! I always have vanilla scents in my flat, candles, incense sticks, liquid pots and cannot resist a good vanilla shower gel, scrub etc and sounds like this one is worth the price :) xx

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  2. I love vanilla. Such a great scent. This one sounds lovely! Thanks for the review xx

  3. Seems like a nice scrub...a bit expensive though! My mother loves vanilla. I'd probably like the blood orange one :)

  4. this will have to be a lust, and not a reality for me. no way i can spend 24 quid in a scrub xx

  5. I loooove 100% Pure! Everything looks amazing! I really want to give this scrub a go now!

  6. I have tried a lot of the 100& Pure's products. AWESOME!!!! I normally don't care for vanilla scents because they smell fake. 100%'s smells SO SO SO GOOD!!!:) Blood orange & grape cabernet are my faves! Their products smell good that you want to eat them! And you probably could (don't recommend it) because it is pretty much food. They make the BEST body lotions ever! And their lip & cheek tint, shimmery cocoa berry, used on the lips is so luscious!! Even plumps my lips:)

  7. Looks amazing :D I can imagine the smell is nice!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx