Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nanoblur the pro's & Con's with Before & After Pics!

I asked if anyone would be interested on a review of the new Hyped up Nanoblur product which has been hitting the beauty columns with a massive conflict of people who love the stuff and frankly others that are slating it.
So after quite a bit of trial and error i put together this little post of my findings.

For anyone who hasn't heard of Nanoblur before: It has been described as a product which will make you look up to 10 years younger. It is an optical cream which erases the signs of ageing such as lines, crows feet and large pores within seconds. 

I am 36 and although i don't have a problem with the lines that i do have i would love to use something that would deliver the results that this product promises.
 My skin type is fairly normal with an oily t zone with large pores especially on my nose area oh and a tendancy to breakouts (Lucky me)

Nanoblur £19.99

Application of this product can be tricky to master at first. I have to admit that when i tried it for the first few times i just didn't like it at all. Certain foundations it works great with but certain foundations i found simply impossible to apply without it looking really patchy.

Instructions say to apply after foundation  which sometimes seemed to lift the foundation off and leave a sort of white patch where it was applied (Not a good look)
Saying that though once i got it right i loved the effect and it has to be said that it really does make an immediate noticeable difference to lines and pores. Without a doubt.

I just want to show you the effect of dabbing the nano blur onto my forehead lines with a brush which in this photo is applied ion top of my Liz Earle Skin tint.


The lines are a lot less visible and the forehead looks so much more smoother. This lasts for about 5 hrs on myself as well which is pretty good going. 

Another way i have found which really works well is to mix 50/50 of my usual primer (GOSH) with the nanoblur and apply it as a primer all over. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then using a brush apply my foundation.
Doing it that way doesn't seem as effective on my lines but it makes my skin feel silky smooth and my nose area almost pore free which is amazing.
Again different foundations give different effects. The nanoblur is very mattifying so Ive found a glowy type foundation works better on top of it something like revlon photo ready/ clinique dewy smooth that type of thing.


Amazing at filling in lines and minimizing pores
Long lasting mattifying effect
Well priced for such an effective product
Instant effect great for special occasions when you want to look your best


Takes a bit of work to find how it works best
Effect is only temporary (Well we can dream can't we)

To sum things up this is an amazing product that might not make people look 10 years younger but really makes skin look smoother, pores tighter and  lines a lot finer. 
If you already have this and think its not for you then try again because the results are worth the effort and if you know anyone who doesn't wear foundation then its a perfect product for them too.

I'd love to know if you can see a visible difference in the pictures of my forehead and I'd love to know if you have tried this and what you think? 
Available from Boots and online.


  1. I saw the adverts for this in the Metro, I'm a sucker for adverts like that. But yes, it does seem like a fad when they say it makes you look 10 years younger. I'm 25, don't think I want to look like a 15 year old, LOL. But yes, I may just purchase this to keep my skin looking matt. xo

  2. Good to see an honest review of this 'hyped' product. How long would you say it lasts? Does it wear off a lot throughout the day?xx

  3. I like the sound of this, would definitely like to try it. Whats it like over full coverage liquids like MAC studio fix and EL double wear?? xx

  4. Thanks ladies
    Halima: It does make my oily t zone totally matte so brilliant for that reason :)

    Nadira: It does wear off but lasts a good 5 hrs on my skin, i think it would last longer on someone who didnt have an oily t zone like myself

    Jenny: I dont have Studio fix but it worked well over double wear when i dabbed it on with a synthetic brush. Hope that helps


  5. This is great Nicoletta, thankyou. I liked this, applied under LE Sheer Skin Tint it has worked well for me, but I have yet to try it over the top of a base, I think as you said it needs a bit of experimentation. I will take your tips on board. x

  6. Thank you for posting this - I am tempted by this, but interesting to know how it works on different foundations and methods of application. x

  7. Great review. Everybody has said the same as you, that it does do something. Can see myself buying this soon.

  8. Out of all the reviews I've read this is the one that would convince me to buy this product! Brilliant & can def see a difference! x

  9. I tried this on the back of my hand in boots...i swear i spent the next hour looking at my 10 year younger hand. it was unreal....then i went loo and had to wash my hands which meant i was back with a hand looking like my mothers..only thing i was worried about was spot causing ingredients...??? ... i have oily skin too...what gosh primer do you use please..?

  10. Indeed I can see the difference! It works good on you! :) Great review

  11. Great review, I NEED this!! xx

  12. I can see the difference and if itlast more than 5 hrs this would enter the great products list

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  13. Thanks everyone
    Angie the gosh primer is the velvet touch primer. They sell it in most superdrug stores xx

  14. Isn't it a bizarre case of trial and error! Mixing worked with many of the foundations I tested too!

  15. Im been looking ino this product for a while, nice to read a honest review not taken from an already published article and good to see non tampered with pictures..
    Deffo a product im considering.. doesn't seem to be much cheaper to buy off ebay, so will invest soon. :)

  16. Brilliant review,very helpful, I'm now gonna go out n buy it. I could see a difference in your pictures. I have acne scares so am going to try it and like you spend some time applying it different ways. I use loreal primer and change between d/wear and mineral powder. I shall let you know how I find it, many thanks, Georgi -x-


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx