Sunday, 4 September 2011

August Empties!

I'm feeling rather pleased with my little stash of empties for August, i seem to be on a bit of a roll with using up products lately and making space for new goodies can only be a good thing.
I've used up a grand total of 8 products this last month which is quite a record for me.

Batiste original Dry shampoo: I got this in my glossy box and although a lot of people complained i was quite happy as I'd not tried this before. I really like it and think it's probably the best dry shampoo I've used. I'm keen to try out the XXL version next as I've heard lots of good things about it.

Mark Hill Holiday Hair Aftersun Conditioner: I have had this for ages but have only just got round to using it after having 2 holidays recently I've wanted something to keep my hair soft. I love the smell of this its quite coco nutty and it feels nice and soothing but i don't think it is moisturising enough on the ends on my hair. Would i re buy? Probably not.

Mark Hill Party Animal Dry Shampoo: I really love the packaging and it does a nice job of freshening up my hair. It feels lovely and cooling as well. It does the job pretty well but i think the batiste has the edge over this one.

Elle Macpherson Glow Airbrush Tan: This product is the only one i was really sad to see the end of. Unfortunately this has been discontinued and it was one of my favourite tans ever. The can makes it super quick to apply and it sprays really evenly without the need to rub in.
I am now on the lookout for a good aerosol spray tan so any recommendations let me know:)

L'Occitane Rice Purifying Toner: This was featured in my July favourites and its brilliant. I love the fact it contains salicylic acid and the smell is beautiful and creamy almost. A certain re buy once Ive used up the others in my stash.

Victorias Secret Berry Kiss:  I brought this back from my trip to Las Vegas last year and have tried to make it last. It's a lovely fresh fruity spray that i like as a little pick me up during the day. I would repurchase if i could get it easily.

Just Me Paris Hilton: I picked this up in the sale and to be honest i found it hard to use up. I loved it when i first got it but after a few times of wearing it i just decided i didn't like it as much :(
I did however manage to use it up as it was a perfect size to pop in my bag and i don't like waste.

Estee Lauder Concealer: Last but not least is this concealer which is really old ( I'm ashamed to say its that old the writing has worn off and its no longer for sale on the website )
What i do know though is that i loved the formula too much to throw it out and it has lasted me forever.

I'm finding it so hard to use up any cosmetics. Haircare/skincare and body I'm doing well at but i just can't seem to use up any colour items. Have you got through a lot of products this last month and have you tried any of the above products?


  1. Wow, great job! I'm hoping to have some empties soon. haircare/skincare products go faster than makeup. Makeup feels like it'll never end.

  2. I thought I was the only one having a problem using up make up. The only thing that gets used up is powder!! I have the Mark Hill Dry shampoo I got it in a set at xmas but it doesn't spray out white not like my Batiste one does. Doesn't work as well as Batiste. Did you find that?

  3. Im really trying to use up all my body creams before buying any more. Wow you got through allot this month, you done well x x

  4. Batiste is definitely my favorite dry shampoo (:

  5. Welcome back- Missed your posts... I have a freebie batiste dry shampoo (they were giving them away at Waterloo train station)... yet to try it, will give it a go. Well done on using up the products..its really hard to use up especially when you are not enamoured with something.

  6. Can't believe you've never used Batiste before,
    I have to recommend the tropical one because it smells delicious!
    Although I often get complimented on the smell and it is a liiiittle embarrassing to admit it's your dry shampoo that has taken their fancy...!

  7. Never understood the whole Batiste thing, I've used it a few times but never saw the appeal. x

  8. Great post, I can get through cans of Batiste so quickly I really do love using it lol. The XXL is great I love it.


  9. Thanks ladies, im off into town today so think im going to pick up the XXL batiste xx

  10. The larger bottles of batiste are on half price in superdrug :)

  11. Ooooh thanks hun thats where im going then :) I love a bargain xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx