Friday, 9 September 2011

Post of the week 09/09/2011

Don't you just love it when the postman arrives bearing gifts of unexpected parcels :)
I've got it down to a T now as i scan the post in about 5 seconds flat, throwing the bills and junk mail onto the side for later and immediately opening any packets that have the potential to have goodies inside.

This weeks post has been amazing so i thought I'd show you a sneaky peak before i review any of these.
Here's what Mr postie delivered:

1st of all i received my order from Annie's Candles and melts. I choose a couple of different packs of wax tarts for my burner as i am running low. I seriously love these products.

Then i was lucky enough to be sent the new SLEEK Ltd edition palette PPQ Me, Myself & Eye. I had no idea this was being released so this was a total shock to me when it dropped on my mat this morning.

As a big Illamasqua fan i was thrilled when this parcel arrived containing 3 of the new products from the Theater of the Shameless collection. I can't wait to try these products out and i will definitely be doing a FOTD using these very soon.

Last but not least i received a package from 100% Pure. I'm intrigued by the fact that all the range is completely natural, suitable for vegetarians and the makeup is actually made out of fruit pigments. The Vanilla bean scrub smells like nothing else its soooo nice.

I cant wait to review all these products. I'm sitting here writing this with one of Annie's wax melts burning in the background and the aroma is just gorgeous. Happy Days!


  1. on your recommendation, I too purchased some of
    Annie's wax melts - WOW i AM NOW ADDICTED....
    can you also pass on another recommendation for
    a good bronzer ? to take on holiday ? (also buying
    the nars cream blush)

  2. I love it when the postman arrives! Especially when there is a parcel for me!!!! Sometimes I am so excited that he looks at me funny!!! lol lol I feel exactly like you do! Today was one of these days for me as well, because I received the Au Naturel Sleek Palette! Can't wait to use it! Great post by the way! Everything looks so nice! I can't wait for your reviews ;)

  3. Lizpgy: Hello hun, im really glad you tried them and love them too, ive tried loads of different ones but i dont even try anyone else now days as im always so happy with Annies ones.

    As for a good bronzer for holidays then i would go for the W7 one which i posted about before. Its only a few quid and brilliant. It's a dupe for the benefit one. You can buy it here (copy and paste link below)

    hope this helps and have a great holiday xx

    Christina Thanks for the lovely comment, i have the Au Naturel palette i really like it xx

  4. Nothing better than getting goodies in the post! The new Sleek palette looks fab! Can't wait to see some swatches. The Illamasqua items look great too xxx

  5. I love getting goodies in the post, especially when I've forgot about ordering them! xx

  6. Packets in the post make me feel all warm on the inside, lol!

  7. I love getting stuff though the post - more so than a trip to the shops, beside myself with excitement today though because my LE sheer skin tint arrived, cue huge excitement :D

  8. I love that feeling when unexpected parcels arrive in the post - who doesn't love getting post?!

    Love illamasqua, those goodies you've got look great. I'm saving up to get some more of the cream pigments by them, they are absolutely divine!

    Rebecca -

  9. Yay Illamasqua and Sleek! :D I got Belladonna lipgloss too. *drools*


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