Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Storage ideas for my prettys

Hi there my lovelies, I thought i would show you a really cheap and easy way to store some of your jewelry items. I was at home trying to get ready and all my daily accessories were tucked away in my pretty chests that i got from TK max and i decided it just wasn't working. When i'm rushing about i need to be able to see at a glance what accesories i have . As i am on a no spend i tried to think what i could use and came up with this kitchen roll holder.
Yes the kitchen roll has been banished to a cuboard but most importantly my bangles, rings etc are now on display and easy to reach for.
The little spokes are ideal for my rings and stretchy bracelets
While i found an old jam jar which i put all my hair clips into and placed my butterfly hair clips around the top to pretty it up. I will also add a ribbon or something when i get a chance.

Then for my everyday earrings i found a little candle plate which i already had from ASDA which was only about 99p.
I added a few cupcake fragranced melts and added my earrings which means they are easy to locate when i'm in a rush.

This storage did not cost me anything and it also brightens up my room making it look more girly.
I could really do with another kitchen towel holder as i have more bangles etc but at least my everyday stuff is on display and i find it much easier to mix & match as i can see what i have at a glance.

Do you hide you pretty things away or do you display them like me?


  1. Pretty!! :) I love organization ideas! :) I have a question though: what happens if you want to wear a bangle that's at the bottom of this kitchen roll holder? You will have to remove all the bangles above it, right?


  2. Yes but it is really easy it doesnt take a minute lol.

  3. great ideas ,, thx for sharing =D

  4. Clever, cheap and SUPER cute!! Win, win!!! :)

  5. how clever! I've never seen this before :)

  6. Love how you've organised your jewellery! Love storage ideas!

  7. Hey Nic, thanks for your comment.
    KIKO does not ship internationally at the moment, but after my poll, they are now evaluating the countries where they can sell ;) They will hopefully ship internationally soon

    I love them too!!!

  8. Great ideas - I never have enough storage for my jewels x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx