Monday, 12 July 2010

Eucerin Skincare Event

I have had so many posts to catch up on that i am way behind so want to tell you about the Eucerine event i went to last week.
I was lucky enough to be picked by the magazine RED to attend this event in Manchester and got to take my best friend with me as well.
Unfortunately we got in the worst traffic ever so only had about an hr here but i was really impressed with what I did get to see and it was a brilliant evening.
Sorry about the lack of photos but i was rushing to talk to the experts so forgot to take many pictures.

This is what i wore ( please excuse the rubbish photo) I wanted the smart, casual look. Black leggins from primark a long black loose fit vest with a little leopard belt and scarf.

Here are the goodie bags we recieved. I was like a kid in a sweet shop when i spotted these.

Products, Products and more Products. I was not expecting so much to try and am super excited to get to use these.

This range here the Dermo Purifyer is what i have been lusting after for a while. I already use the cream gel in this range and it has made a huge difference to my skin and i have so few breakouts now that i would not use anything else, so the chance to try the rest of this range is fabulous for me.

I will be introducing these products one at a time to my skin care regime and reviewing them one by one. Because my skin reacts with breakouts if i'm not really careful i want to make sure i dont react to anything before introducing lots of different things ( if you see what i mean ).

It was a fabulous evening where we had personalised nutritional advice, talked to skin care specialists, drank fruit smoothies and ate delicious canopies. There was yoga going on in one room but i didnt go in because of lack of time.
Have you tried any of the Eucerin products and if so what did you think?

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  1. Me an my mum use one of their moisturiser for very dry skin, it's amazing, it really healed both our skins! x


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