Saturday, 10 July 2010

Big Sexy Hair Heavy photos

Hi girlies, i was sent some products to review from Big Sexy Hair and as i have been dying to try these products for a while i was super excited to have a play.
I have three different products to review which i plan on doing one at a time. So on to the product Volumizing dry shampoo
The above photograph is before i used the product. My hair is very fine and the roots get greasy quite quickly.
I had not washed my hair for 2 days ( eeeeehhhh) but if you are going to test a product you might as well put it through its paces right?
So more photos of my fine greasy mop

You spray the product through the hair, wait 2 mins then brush through.
Here is the after effects:

As you can see this product does really work. The smell is gorgeous really fresh and cold which instantly makes your hair feel cleaner.
I have not backcombed or fluffed my hair at all and there is definitely a lot of added volume. If i had teased my hair with a comb it would of been really big so the volumizing aspect is brilliant.
The only thing i disliked about this spray was the fact that you feel like you have something in your hair, similar to hairspray. But saying that if you want a full volumised look then whatever you put in your hair you will feel right?
This product would be amazing if you decided to go out on the town last minute and didn't have time to wash your hair. Also for girls who like a really full look.
I am also surprised how much product seems to be in such a little can so im sure the full sized product would last ages.
Big Sexy Hair products are definitely on my wish list after trying this out and i cant wait to try the other 2 products.
Have you tried Big Sexy Hair yet?
What are your tips for VaVaVoom for fine hair????


  1. I haven't tried these but your hair looks really nice and shiney.

  2. I have a volumizing spray by this line, it's really nice! You look so pretty! x

  3. Oooh where can you buy these from? They look amazing :)

    And you really are beautiful, your hair is gorgeous! xx

  4. Thankyou ladies, this particular mini spray is £6.95.
    You can purchace online at
    Or to find your nearest stockists call 0845 230 9660

  5. ha, love the look of these items - and the packaging is fun too (am a total sucker for good or quirky packaging!)
    a x
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Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx