Monday, 26 July 2010


Hello my beauties, i just wanted to share a look i did today with some of my clinique products.

Products used are all Clinique
Dewy smooth anti aging makeup ( love the full coverage on this )
Gentle light powder glow 4
Airbrush concealer
True bronze bronzer ( contour )
Colour rub 01
Honey blush
touch tint nude sparkle
coffee shop eye duo
True black cream liner
High impact mascara
sheer shaper for lips sheer rose ( filled lips with this )
Full potential lipgloss peach plump

I was trying to choose my top 3 products from this look but its too hard but i do adore the cream liner it's a really jet black colour and it glides on so smoothly and lasts all day.

I also adore the foundation which gives full coverage with the smallest amount, the powder which is so light and gives a pretty sheen to the skin and the colour rub which gives the most beautiful glow.
Do you girls have any clinique makeup and if so what is your favourite?


  1. Lovely! You are so damn pretty!! :)

  2. Your face looks so flawless! And I really like the lip colour :D

    I bought the Clinique Superbalanced foundation and so far i'm really liking it and for £20 I think it was a good price :D
    It's full coverage so I only wear it on nights out. Also my sister gave me a lipstick in berry freeze which I like too. But that's all I have from them, lol.

    My sister on the other hand uses a lot of clinque products and she really likes them :D

    Wow that was a long comment, lol.


  3. I Always use clinique :) , used the 3 step process since i was 16 and i dont think ill ever go back. Love the eyeshadows from clinique because they are sooo soft and my HG mascara is Clinique High Impact in black :) Great post , I<3 Clinique xxx

  4. Great look! I'm also wearing that eyeshadow duo today and I love it. I'm running out, so I'm waiting for bonus time! x

  5. wow!! this is awesome!! I wish I can do a look using only one cosmetic brand... how cool!! u look gorgeous!

  6. Wow, you really are beautiful! Your skin and everything, love the natural look on you!


  7. What a beautiful FOTD! At the moment I don't own any Clinique makeup - I had a foundation a couple of years ago but the sales lady gave me a comically bad colour match, and it really put me off, 'cos it's not cheap! The e/s colour is gorgeous on you.
    By the way, I nominated you for a little blog award, you can check it out at Click&Make-Up
    Kat x

  8. Your skin looks flawless! I definitely need to check this foundation out :) xx

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments, i always feel really sad when i hear that somebody was given the wrong colour, product etc because i think it gives consultants a bad name when the majority of the consultants are really good. I know we had a lot of training at clinique which was ongoing so its a shame you had a bad experience KAT O. Thanks so much for the award i will pop over to your blog now hun xx

    Bristol beauty blog, i'm exactly the same i always wait for bonus time lol xx

    Jemma i have a feeling this foundation has been discontinued but i could be wrong. Fingers crossed. XX

  10. I love this. You look fresh and pretty :)


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx