Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Random buys these last few weeks

Hi there, girlies, i have so much to catch up on with my blog but thought i would show you a few little buys that i got in the last few weeks.
St Moritz which i hate to run out of although i doubt i ever will lol
A white chocolate face mask which was only 99p and sounded yummy so i thought I'd try it out

Comfy wedges from international in the sale for just £12
I thought they would look good with jeans
Bracelets £4 Earrings £4 but buy one get one for 99p so under £5 for both from international.
I wore these out on sat.
I love the earrings as they are so light you cant feel them on which makes a change from sore ears.

Big lashes with glitter. Again for my sat night out which i thought might be a little OTT but actually i loved them on. I think i paid just £2 for these so a nice little buy.
I have been really trying to cut back lately so cheap and cheerful has been the way to go. Its surprising what nice little bits you can get when you shop around.
Ok it does not make up for the fact that i really want the MAC Jazzed lipstick and the Stereo Rose but its better than nothing lol
I often think i cant really afford something then buy lots of random little things to make myself feel better which when added up probably costs more than what i wanted????
Anyway hope you are all enjoying the sunshine
Nicoletta xx


  1. ha, I do the same lady - but it's nice to get lots of little things too - wee treats!

    nice buys from internacionale - I did a wee outfit post from there recently - was really impressed by their bargain bits and bobs x

  2. Some really cute purchases, I just bought two bottles of St. Moriz I'm totally hooked on that stuff!!

  3. Love the earrings and the sparkle lashes!Lovely haul!You have so cute little boys!Hugs

  4. Love those wedges and the jewelry!!!

  5. Thanks girls, i love the wedges but dont know when i will wear them, i have to be quick on my feet with my 2 year old so these are not an everyday option xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx