Sunday, 11 July 2010


Me and my hubby decided last minute to go out for a few drinks at our local last night. I did not have a lot of time to get ready so wore casual clothes and quickly scrunched my hair a little.
The photos are all taken when i got home as i didnt have time before we left.
40 mins is not enough time really but heres what i did.
Jump in shower without wetting hair
Slightly curl hair with straightners and scrunch a little product in.
Add some quick makeup lots of bronzer, false lashes etc
Deoderant , perfume and accesories
throw on some clothes
5 or so Vodka & cokes later so excuse the slightly glazed expression lol. x

I must take photos before alcohol next time.
It was lovely to have some time to ourselves and be a couple for a few hrs instead of mum & dad.


  1. you look cute! love the eyelashes! :)

  2. Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog darl..I love your FOTD..^_^..

  3. You look really pretty, even after the alcohol, lol.


  4. Your eyes are incredible!... I love them! You look cute and gorgeous, I love spur of the moment decisions like that.. Although I wish it was the days I don't need to much time to get ready.. You did very well for 40 mins lol xx

  5. You look so pretty and glowly!!And headband lovely!!!

  6. Aw your eye make up is amazing, love it!!

  7. Lovely look - cant believe your 35!!

  8. Babe... considering you taken them after having a drink, you look pretty damn hot! Now if I was to take pics of me after a few vodkas, I'd look rough as hell! haha.


  9. wow, that whole thing just took you around 40 minutes? I love the eye look~!<3

  10. You look gorgeous, I especially love your hair!

  11. ALBY Thankyou , i adore false eyelashes, if i had time i would wear them everyday.

    ANGIEPINK You are Welcome,I'm enjoying your blog already x

    DISCOMBOBULATED Thanks hun, i think theres a fine line between a bit of a glow after a drink & full on drunken look. I think 5 is my limit any more and i look rough as ha

    KIRSTY Thanks for the complement, my eyes are actually quite hooded without makeup so i appreciate that comment hun. 40 mins is good going for me but once you have kids that 2hr blissful time to get ready goes out the window anyway.

    LILOO You are so sweet thankyou a lovely complement from the stunner herself.

    BLUSHINGGLOVES The extra glow is from the alcohol hehe and the hair band came in a set with about 6 others from primark for £2 Shhhhhh xx

    HAPPY1234 Welcome to my blog and believe me you would believe it first thing in the morning. I had oily skin as a teenager and i think that helps.

    DOLLFACE Thankyou hun, i cant even remember what colours i used now as i was rushing so much. Definately just 2 colours though. I think you can wear any eyeshadow and add lashes and it instantly looks 100% better.

    Jo haha I dont believe that for 1 min x

    AISYAH DE CULLEN Another big Thankyou i love getting comments it makes my day x

    JO Thankyou sweety, i use to wear my hair like this a lot but not so much these days but for quickness you cant go wrong with a tousled look. x

    Thanks everybody for all your comments and feedback it really puts a smile on my face to read them my lovlies xx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx