Tuesday, 13 July 2010

SALE Heads Up Bargain Jewelry @ Dotty P'S

Hi there my gorgeous girlies, i thought i would show you my latest bargains which i got whilst popping into town on Monday. I am really excited as i have been looking at the jewelry in Dorothy perkins for a few weeks now but been resisting hard as i am trying to cut back.
Well I'm soooo glad i waited.
They have a HUGE Sale on a lot of the jewelry. I paid just £11 in total for all these goodies and the full price was £54. I just couldn't resist.
I have chosen things i know i will wear and can mix and match with stuff i already have.
Take a little looksie
Yes just £11 for all that little lot. I feel like I'm on a market stall. Roll up Roll up, anyways here's a closer look.

A silver head band, i wear loads of head bands especially when i wear my hair up and this one should go with most things. £1

This lovely array of bracelets i thought they looked really girly. £1
These 3 rings which can be stacked or worn alone. I was looking at these exact ones a week ago at full price. I love them £2

This stacked set of three rings I have a cream & gold head band which i can wear with these obviously i will add some clothes too. £1

These cute little bow earrings and mini hearts £1

These silver hearts i love these they are the perfect size for everyday earrings £1

These butterfly earrings look really pretty on, they have tiny diamontees in the center which really sparkle £1

Last but not least this gorgeous set of bangles, i wanted to buy this last week but at £12 i thought it was a little steep. I got this today for £3 so am highly delighted.
I don't think i need to go jewelry shopping for a while as i have had my fix. I'm sure this sale is nationwide and they had loads of other gorgeous things so its worth checking out.


  1. Nice finds :) I'm heading into town today so I will have a look in Dorothy Perkins now, thanks xx

  2. oooooh lady, you're always tempting me ... I'm in town for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning, so may have to pop in for a nosey ... I'll send the bank statements your way! ;) x

  3. Wow, what a lovely selection esp. the bracelets and rings. I must try to check this out, thanks:)

  4. Love all of those, especially the ring and earring sets!!!


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