Thursday, 15 July 2010

Pump up the volume BIG SEXY HAIR Review

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play & Spray & Stay. My shocking limp fine hair.

STEP 1 Shake a little powder into hair concentrating on the roots. Slightly rub into hair

Volume galore i have never used anything like this be careful you only need a tiny bit its like magic dust .

STEP 2 Put hair into a high pony tail and scrunch ends up on top and pin. Add a headband (optional of course)

STEP 3 Spray a little Spray & Stay all over and tease the front out a little. Voila DONE.
Sexy looking hair made super easy.

I literally could not believe how much volume the powder play added and it was so easy to achieve this look. My hair stayed like this all day and i got quite a few compliments which was lovely.
My hair usually becomes limp within a few hrs of using products so i was not expecting anything different from this but honestly girlies i have found my new must have hair product.
By the way excuse the background photos of all the mess my 2 year old Rocco decided it would be fun to empty my bag and under bed storage while i was getting ready lol.
I cant wait to straighten my hair and then use the powder play i will take some more photos when i do to show you.
Big sexy hair is available through some independent salons and online at Or here
If you would like to read my review of the Big Sexy Hair dry shampoo see here


  1. Wow I can't believe the Powder Play. My hair is similar in that it can be quite limp and flat at the roots (which I hate, I love volume). The before and after is incredible volume wise, I need to get my hands on this asap!!

  2. I had no idea I needed this until you reviewed it. Great review!

  3. i've been on the search for powder play! it's sold out every store i go to. I think i'm just going to finally buy it online.

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! I never heard of this "magic powder" I'll keep an eye out for it from now on though :) By the way what color is your hair? It's not black, it's not brown..I love it! :)

  5. It really is a great product i was really pleased with the results.
    Welcome Ebru and thanks for the complement its just dark brown hun. Years of different colours lol x

  6. I love how much volume it gives you. I might have to open my purse and buy some myself! x

  7. Oh wow, I want it I want it!!!


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