Monday, 12 July 2010

Eyelashes i adore you !!!!!!

I love false eyelashes so much, i buy so many pairs that its starting to get expensive.
Don't get me wrong i think lashes are worth the money and i would pay up to £8 or so if i love them but now and then its nice to buy a bulk lot for fun looks that wont break the bank so these little beauty's i got from e bay and they only cost about £4 for the lot above which is a bargain in my eyes ( excuse the pun )
Here is a close up of these which are gorgeous for a really dramatic look !!!!

But even better the company i ordered from sent me the wrong ones first of all. They sent me these below by mistake and let me keep them as well???
So £4 got me 20 pairs of lashes.

I'm not so keen on the way these look so i randomly cut them up into little clusters and can add them to the corners for a little added oomph whenever i want a more subtle look.

Do you have any favourite lashes???
Is E Bay your friend or foe???


  1. I only have 3 pairs of lashes, but I'm trying to get more, coz I can see the difference on a look with and without it :/
    Did you see the brand new lashes from UD???
    Just gorgeous :)

  2. they look so good! :) aww I love ebay, I ordered some earphones from ebay and it was really good. The person packaged it so nicely for me ^^

  3. What a total bargain, it's like eyelash heaven ;)

  4. I love lashes but I am rubbish at applying them, I think I had one night where I actually managed to wear them out. Fluke!

  5. Wow! What a bargain!

    I really love false eyelashes especially the natural looking kinds. I buy mine from Singapore and I too buy in bulk. I've not bought any from eBay cause I'm afraid they might come all squash in the mail :P


  6. Im just starting to get into false eyelashes
    I just started my own beauty blog. If you have a chance, please check it out. The 30th subscriber (5 more to go) will win a m.a.c lustreglass and once I hit 50 subs I will have a contest for 5 m.a.c. goodies.

  7. LILOO I have seen the UD lashes they are beautiful.

    I think eyelashes are quite hard to apply in the beggining but if you use them regularly it becomes easy peasy.

    NUR KISSKAT I have been lucky and usually have no problems with getting my eyelashes from e bay they usually travel pretty well. I've not had 1 squashed pair yet x


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx