Thursday, 11 November 2010

Xen Tan Dark lotion

Hi there girls, Brrrrr how cold has it turned. Right now the heating is on full and i have already had 2 coffees since i came back in to warm myself up. Little rocco is snuggled up watching TV with a cosy blanket and i don't plan on leaving the house again today.

After spending the last hr on the sleek website trying to order a few bits in the sale I've decided to give up for a while and write a review instead.
Last week i told you about  the Xen tan face tanner luxe here so today wanted to show you how i got on with the Dark lotion for the body. After all you can't very well have a nice tanned face and a pasty white body.

Now the website states that the product itself is enriched with coconut and walnut oils, it helps you achieve a stunningly natural olive tan that's exceptionally longwearing. And to make sure you enjoy a beautifully balanced result, it doesn't gather at the ankles or elbows, and fades evenly ( sounds good right )

What did i think?
Well the formula  itself is very similar to the face tanner, it has a lovely golden colour so you can see where you are applying it. It has a beautiful sweet almond fragrance. This is the best self tanner i have ever smelt.

The difference between this and any other tan i have tried is just how moisturising it feels on the skin it's so silky and it develops into a beautiful even deep tan with no streaks.
The colour is a lovely natural brown, it's the same type of colour i go when I've been abroad and there is not a hint of orange in sight.

I do like to look tanned even when it's freezing and I'm covering up a lot. It just makes me feel better.
So here's an after photo so you can see the colour. Yes i applied it on my face as well and i have to say it works beautifully. No breakouts and i found the colour came out a bit darker on my face than with the facial tanner but that's fine with me.

Available from Xen Tan RRP £25.95
I really love the Xen tan range and will be trying out the Dark lotion absolute luxe next which is the new and darkest tan in the range which sounds fab too.
Have you tried any of the Xen tan products and which is your favourite so far?
Also I'm interested to know how many other people fake tan even if they are covering up and not going anywhere? xx


  1. Yay, I've got this to try tomorrow, can't wait, so sick of being pasty!

  2. i have this! it doesnt make you as dark as fake bake but the scent is SO good!

  3. I do hate being pale even in winter when is kind of normal...Because I'm from Spain people over here just assume that I have a natural lightly tanned colour...ha! I keep telling them is fake but they don't believe it...For the body I use a tanner/moisturizer Garnier Summerbody in deep sun-kissed look (this will make your natural tan last for ages!) and for the face Loreal's Sublime Fronze Fresh-feel gel. I know people don't like the smell but I don't mind it. Now I only apply it every now and then as it would otherwise look too tanned for winter.

    By the way your kid looks adorable!

  4. This sounds really good. I love the thought of a nice sweet almond smell MMmmmmMmm.

    I'm much too lazy to apply fake tan when I'm constantly covering up with cardigans, scarves and jeans so I only bother when I'm actually heading out somewhere nice

    This isn't exactly cheap but then I guess it's better to splash out on something decent than buying 5 different cheap tanning products that are all a bit naff! :)

  5. Lucy It's fab, i'm sure you will love it .

    Emma i've not tried fake bake before but the smell of this is lush isn't it.

    Red I know what you mean, if i dont wear any tan people think i'm ill as they are so use to seeing me with a bit of colour. I do like the moisturisers with a hint of colour but i just dont have time to apply them nearly everyday. In fact i struggle to manage once a week as i'm always rushing about.

    All Made Up The smell is delicious, i know i've said it before but seriously it's gorgeous. You are right about buying other tanners as i have 4 others in my bathroom storage and i can't see me using them now i have this.

    Thanks for your comments ladies i really appreciate it xxx


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx