Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bareminerals High Shine Eyecolour FOTD

Hi there ladies, a few days ago i received the BareMinerals high shine eye colour to review in the colour Bronzed. I received this from BeautyJudge which is a fantastic friendly beauty website where you can read or write reviews, chat to other members, swap products that kind of thing.
So on to the product:

The bronzed colour looks so pretty in the glass vial and is available in other colours as well.

The little applicator is fat and squidgy and is on a spring loaded base so its easy to use as you just basically take off the lid and swipe onto your lids.

Swatch applied on bare skin. 

 I applied the one colour on the eyelid and blended upwards and then applied the same shadow under the eyes as a soft liner. Added black liner on the upper lid and inner eyes and mascara.

 The colour is pretty and shimmery and it lasts really well but for some reason i was expecting a bit more.
It's not like i didn't like the product, I do like  bareminerals eyeshadows but  to be honest this seems exactly the same formula as there pots of shadow. Pretty but not very unique ( sorry bareminerals ) I think it is a good product for someone starting out in makeup as its easy to apply, i didn't get any fallout and it blended easily but with a name like highshine i expected an almost wet look ultra shine and this was quite subtle.

As an everyday makeup i will wear it but I'm afraid it's not worth the £12 price tag in my opinion. x


  1. I love how you do your make up. What lipstick is that you are wearing?

    Do you know if there is an equivalent to that eyeshadow you have on that you can buy on the high street?

  2. Thanks for the honest review! I hate it when you get so excited for a product and it lets you down :( Regardless, you look wonderful (like you always do)! I'm curious as to what lip color you used, because I LOVE it! Have a fantastic day doll!

  3. Ah thanks girls the lipstick is NYX orange soda. Its very pale but quite unique as it has a hint of peach in it. I will do some swatches for you next week ;)

    The Brunette it is similar to the barry m pigments or sleek dusts but i dont have the name sorry hun x

  4. Gorgeous look..simple and fresh..^_^..I love it..

  5. I feel the same about BM shadows. They swatch in the hand pretteir than they come off in the eye. I have so many of them, and never reach for them. =)

  6. the shadow looks very pigmented <3!

  7. Ahhh such a shame it let you down hun. I do love the applicator though, perfect for a quick and easy eye.


  8. I like how you're honest in your reviews - I usually really like bare minerals products, but won't need to try this one! x

  9. Gorgeous! That is a great shade for you.

  10. The applicator looks pretty good and the colour. It looks promising, but sorry to hear it was a bit meh. xx

  11. This looks totally gorgeous on but I cant help thinking you could just use one of the Barry M Dazzle Dusts (one of the burnt gold shades) and it would create such a similar look for less than half the price! Havent tried the baremineral goodies yet but I've heard great things about the quality :)

  12. Thanks for the honest review. The eyeshadow actually looks quite nice on you!

  13. Thanks for all your comments

    all made up. I totally agree that the barry m dusts would give exactly the same effect. I am not saying anything bad about this product just that i expected it to be a little different from the regular range and the only difference i see is the packaging. In general i really like bare minerals products.
    As always this is just my little opinion and i'm sure there will be many people out there who might think differently xx

  14. Even its just a simple brown eye look, it is really awesome and looks so good on you =D!

    Im always looking for a right brown eyeshadow color which will look good on myself.
    Its actually really difficult >_<
    sometime its too orange, sometime its too 'grey' or muddy >_< Gosh!


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx