Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Follow !

Hi girls, yesterday i was privileged to attend the Liz Earle event for the opening of the brand new store in Leeds.
It was great to meet some of the other bloggers and Liz Earle herself.
One of the Bloggers i met was Sarah who has a newish blog SLSTEVO .
Her blog looks fantastic so be sure to check it out.

The lovely Sarah.
I will of course be blogging about the event itself very soon.
Hope you all have a fab Friday xx


  1. Looking forward to your post about the event lovely! xxx

  2. Aww Follow Friday for bloggers is such a nice idea! Spreading the love! xxx

  3. Sarah looks like Katy Perry here, or am i just looking too much of Katy Perry's pictures that everyone i see looks like her. lol

    I am gonna wait for your Liz Earle event blog. Post pictures! =D

  4. Great Idea! I love new blogs! You're so wonderful! I'm looking forward to checking her out!

  5. Hi Sarah. Just discovered your great blog and became a follower. It is so kind of you to talk about other people blogs, it is really rare... By the way looking forward to your Liz earle post.... Here is my blog for whenever you feel like stoppin' by! If you do, be sure to enter my prize giveaway - 3 days left. Love from Greece!

  6. Thanks girls, i will never forget the lovely bloggers who helped me out when i had just a handful of followers and said to myself, i will try and do the same. ha. What go's around comes around xx

  7. wow! i wish i still lived in leeds so many more benefits being in a city centre :( just found your blog please take the time to check mine out were only new! im following you

  8. I read about the Liz Earle opening. Must be really fun and exciting. Im looking forward for your updates :D


Thankyou for all your comments, i appreciate each and everyone xx